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5 Basic Skills

    Girl Scouts set sales goals individually and with their troop or group, create a plan to reach their goals, and they develop Cooperation and Team Building skills all along the way!

    Girl Scouts help decide how their team will spend their cookie money,furthering Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills.

    Girl Scouts take orders, handle customers’ money and gain valuable and Practical Life Skills around financial literacy.

    Girl Scouts learn how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people during the sale. These experiences help girls develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills they can use throughout life.

    A Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Her business ethics here reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

Fall Product Program


Start your troop on the right track by participating in Fall Product September 26 - October 19, 2014. Troops can earn start-up money for their annual troop activities and provide financial aid to girls. Products will be delivered to customers November 12-30, 2014  just in time for holiday gift giving

New this year! The entire program is now online! 

1). Click the button below to register online

2). If you are new to Fall product, click new registration. If you sold Fall product last year, you may sign in using your 2013 Fall product email and password. 


Fall product may also be sold door to door. For questions about Fall Product please contact

Check out this year's exciting Fall Products! Nuts & Candies, Magazine subscriptions and Photo Keepsakes make wonderful gifts that arrive in time for the holidays and support Girl Scouts. All of the proceeds stay within our communities to benefit local girls.  


  • Nuts & Chocolates | This year customers can choose from 24 items delicious nut and chocolate items 16 of the items being naturally gluten-free!
  • Magazines | Subscriptions to more than 600 popular magazines marked down to 90% less than newsstand prices. 
  • Photo Keepsakes | New this year! photo keepsakes, calendars and greeting cards. Customize your memories in one-of-a-kind keepsake books, create a family photo calendar, or send personalized greeting   and birthday cards. 

Resources for Girls and Parents

Parents and Girls check out the new online Girl Activities and Games

Resources for Volunteers

Training Videos

Project Thank You 

Customers may choose to donate $5 towards nuts and magazine vouchers for the troops overseas. A $5 donation will provide military personnel with magazine subscriptions for one year. For more information about Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas Product Programs, please contact Cathy Nichols, Product Sales Director, at