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Diamonds Properties

Explore Arkansas! Stay at a Girl Scout Camp!  

Every girl should have a chance to camp!

Discover nature, and experience the adventure, learning, fun and friendship of the outdoors! Camping is a vital part of the Girl Scout experience, often providing girls with their first opportunity to ride a horse, swim, paddle a canoe or complete a challenge. Each of the properties offers something for everyone. 

Camping gives girls an experience away from home and teaches self-reliance and self-confidence. Camp is a great place for a girl to unlock her potential and discover the world and the great outdoor adventures that awaits her! This unique environment helps her develop positive self-esteem and enhance social skills while having fun. The camping experience is truly a building block in the development of girls into successful and resourceful young women. In this outdoor setting, girls gain an appreciation of the environment, learn to live and work together, and learn in a friendly, fun and safe setting. 

While our properties are first and foremost maintained for the benefit of the girls in our Council, our facilities are also available to the general public at a reasonable cost. Our properties can be rented to Girl Scout Troops, groups, schools, companies or individuals for events including seminars, picnics, reunions, conferences, school programs, field trips, retreats, and more.  The income generated from such rentals helps us maintain our properties and invest in capital improvements. 

Camp facilities are available for rental seven days a week, pending availability.  

Whatever site you choose you will find something special waiting to be discovered.  Each has its own charm and attractions and each offers different experiences not to be found anywhere else.  Most important, remember that these facilities exist for you and your girls to enjoy.