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Reserve Radford House

Camp Work Day
Start Date/Time: Friday, March 01, 2013
End Date/Time: Sunday, March 03, 2013
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority

What an opportunity to get the whole family involved to make our camps better. This fall, wewill be preparing the camps for winter - cleaning, sweeping and burning leaves, painting andcarpentry work. Watch the website for specific tasks that will be done at each camp location.We need volunteers of any age with any skill-set to help with raking, painting, building, cleaningand much more. Come ready to work and have a great time together! At the end of the day,join us for a hot-dog cookout. Some workers may want to spend the night either before orafter the workday – or both! Our Ranger’s will work with your group to make the best possiblematch of workers' skills and tasks to be done. We appreciate your flexibility and willingness toserve in whatever way you are most needed.

LEVEL: Daisy – Adult

DATES*: Saturday, November 3 – Camps Cahinnio, Crossed Arrows, NOARK and Taloha 

*After Fall 2012, all camps will have annual workdays on the 1st weekends in March andNovember. If you can’t join us for an official camp workday, but would like to help, callRory Layne to schedule your own workday.

TIME: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: Camps Cahinnio, Crossed Arrows, NOARK, and Taloha

FEE: None


1. Bring any tools that might be useful. (Work gloves, rack, chainsaws, paint brushes,brooms, hammers, saws, etc.) If you wish to contribute any building materials, pleasecontact us beforehand, so we can let you know of our immediate needs.

2. We need girls, siblings, dads, moms, and anyone else interested in helping improve our camps.

3. Dress to get messy!

4. Be advised that Council is providing only one meal at the end of the workday(approximately 4:00pm). Individuals/groups may bring their own food and/or snacks tohold them over until the cookout.

CONTACT: Rory Layne, Property Director or 800-632-6894, ext 4024

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*** Please Note ***

Troops can make reservations: 

  • for the spring semester (January – May) beginning November 1
  • for the summer (June – August) after March 1
  • for the fall semester (September – December) after May 1 

On rare occasions, the property you are reserving is already reserved, but does not yet show on the calendar due to internal processing times. In those instances, a member of the property reservation team will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about the conflict and help you find a different time or location for your event.

If you have a large group that will be using camp, please contact the Property Reservation Desk to discuss discount rates for using the entire camp.

Radford House Reservations

Radford House Reservation Form
*Type of Rental Group:
*Name of Event/Meeting/Group:
*Person in charge:
*Phone number (home):
Phone number (work):
*Phone number (cell):
*Email Address:
*Street Address:
*Group/Troop #
Level (check all that apply):

Service Unit:
Number Attending (enter 0 if N/A):
*Number of Girls:
*Number of Female Adults:
*Number of Male Adults:
*Total Number of Attendees:
*Which rental units are you reserving? (Please check all that apply)

If requesting rental units with multiple options, please include the number of cabins or number of hours.
Cabins - Number of cabins requested:
Kitchen Building - Number of hours requested:
*Date(s) requested for 1st choice:
*Time of arrival:
*Time of departure:
*Date(s) requested for 2nd choice:
*Time of arrival:
*Time of departure:
Emergency Contact for Group (Parent or other volunteer who will not be on-site but is available during the stay as an emergency contact):
*Phone number (home):
Phone number (work):
*Phone number (cell):
*Email address:
Girl Scout troops/groups MUST have an adult who is certified in CPR/First Aid on-site. A copy of current certification must be provided at least 1 week prior to rental.
Please check all certifications that you or someone in your group have (documentation must be provided):

Amount Due (now accepting credit cards):
*Deposit (required in full before reservation is confirmed):

Equipment fees (canoes):
*Total rental fees (total of all facilities requested):
*TOTAL DUE (See each property page for list of fees associated with that property and its rental units):
Make checks payable to Girl Scouts - Diamonds.
Rental fee is due at least 1 week prior to stay.
Cancellations must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the reserved date in order to receive a full refund of security deposit.
Cancellations received after the 2 week deadline will be assessed a processing fee of 1/2 of the security deposit amount.
Cancellations received less than 1 week or no-show will forfeit all of security deposit.
*I agree to conduct this event according to Volunteer Essentials and council policies and guidelines.
*** I understand that my security deposit will be non-refundable if there are any damages that our troop/group causes.
** Damages include: defacing of property, loss of keys, equipment damage & property/equipment not cleaned upon departure.
*I understand that I will be responsible for any damages above and beyond the security deposit.
Supplemental cleaning fee: loss of deposit plus $30 per hour for Ranger's time.
*I understand that I must submit documentation of certifications/trainings to the Fayetteville office prior to property rental.
*I have read the above information and agree to its conditions.
*My typed name here shall serve as my electronic signature, acknowledging that I understand and agree to property reservation conditions.
*Date (Please use dashes; ex. 01-01-13):
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