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Property Usage Report for Print

Click here to download the Property Usage Report to print and mail to the Fayetteville office instead of using the online submission form.

Property Usage Report

Girl Scouts - Diamonds would like to receive feedback from you about your recent stay at one of our properties.  We use these reports in order to set goals for improvement with each property.

Please submit this form within 10 days of using a Diamonds Council property. This form can be submitted online below, or downloaded and mailed upon completion to any regional office location.  Mailing addresses for each regional office can be found on the Council Info page of this website.

Property Usage Report

Property Usage Report
*Check all that apply:

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*Name of Adult in Charge (on-site):
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*What type of campsite do you usually prefer to rent? (Please check all that apply)

*The campground was clean and well-maintained.

*The restroom facilities were clean.

*The cabins, troop house, lodge, tents, and other facilities were clean.

*The dining room/kitchen facilities were clean.

*The camp rangers are available for assistance.

*What was your overall assessment of camp?

*Please give us some general feedback regarding your camp as we would love to know what is working and how we can make your stay more enjoyable.
*How happy were you with the accommodations?

*Please add any improvement and/or favorite things about the accommodations. (Please be specific if there were problems so we can correct them - provide the name of the building).
*What aspects of camp would you like to see changed or enhanced?
*Do you have any comments regarding our administrative services? This includes the effectiveness of our emailing and the efficiency of our staff in responding to your requests.
The Camp Tents & Trails Committee is responsible for behind-the-scenes labor and helping with projects on camp. It typically meets once in the fall, spring & winter.
Please see the Tents & Trails Committee page for full details.
*Are you interested in becoming a member of the Tents & Trails Committee?

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