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Property Use Guidelines for Print

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Property Use Guidelines


The council will manage its outdoor program center and service center properties in such a way to: 

  • Protect and preserve the natural resources guaranteeing them for use by future generation of girls. 

  • Assure the health and safety and welfare of all program participants. 

  • Promote full, efficient and cost-effective use of the land and facilities 

  • Project a positive public image. 

  • Gather and maintain a positive attitude from staff, girls, volunteers, community leaders, the media and the general public with respect to council ownership and operation of the outdoor program. 


Site Users must have appropriate training prior to using a site and follow Girl Scout safety guidelines and standards when on council owned property.

Girl Scout Membership 

All users of Girl Scout Properties will be encouraged to become Girl Scout Members.

Site Usage Policies

Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, or Marijuana 

  • Misuse of any substance is prohibited on Council-owned property or during any Girl Scout activities 

  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed at the program centers, on any Council owned property or during Girl Scout activity 

  • Possession or use of illegal drugs or marijuana is not allowed under any circumstance at the program centers, on Council owned property or during any Girl Scout activities 


  • Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas is a smoke-free environment at all offices and program sites. Smoking is prohibited on all Council owned properties. Adults should not smoke in the presence of girls at any Girl Scout activities.


  • Pets are not allowed on camp property except for service animals required to accommodate a health related need such as a Seeing Eye Dog. 

  • No live animals except service animals are permitted in the kitchen, dining hall or infirmary at any time. 

Exception: The Chief Executive Officer or her designee may grant an exception to Camp Rangers or caretakers


  • Violence, threatening behavior or bullying are not tolerated. Persons exhibiting inappropriate behavior on council property will be removed from the property.

Motorized Recreational Vehicles 

  • Motorized Recreational Vehicles for land, water or air are prohibited on the property except as permitted by the Chief Executive Officer or her designee.


  • If a female adult is sharing accommodations with girls, two adults must be present when using the sleeping quarters. 

  • Males must have separate sleeping and changing quarters from girls. 

  • Couples will be required to use separate sleeping quarters, when staying overnight during a girl program. 

Exception: The Chief Executive Officer or her designee may make an exception to 1, 2, and 3 when Family Camping is involved and a family is sharing accommodations.

First Aid and Emergencies

  • Each user group must have at least one designated adult to provide First Aid treatment as necessary; this adult must possess a current certification in first aid and CPR from a nationally recognized provider and provide that certification to the council at the time the property is reserved. Any health related incidents on the property requiring more advanced medical care than First Aider can provide shall be reported immediately to the Site Manager AND to Girl Scouts- Diamonds Emergency number 1-800-489-0457. Any incidents resulting in the involvement of local law enforcement shall be reported ASAP to the site Manager AND to the Girl Scouts – Diamonds Emergency Number 1-800 489-0457

Activity Areas

  • No one shall enter activity areas unless they have made prior arrangements with the Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Prior to usage of any specialized activity area, including use of equipment at such area, the user group must be orientated to the site, procedures, and equipment at the site. If other specialized program activity areas or equipment are part of the facility, Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas will either provide appropriately trained staff or will determine minimum qualifications for supervision by the user group. Minimum standards are set for in Volunteer Essentials.


  • Fires must only be built in established fire circles. Only downed and dead wood may be used. Liquid fire starters and bonfires are strictly prohibited.  Check all burn ban information to make sure that the location is not under a burn ban.


  • The user group agrees to keep the portions of the facilities rented by the user group free of any trash, to leave all areas used by the user group in as good a condition as they were at the beginning of the use, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and to take away at the end of the use anything brought to the facility by the user group. Cost of cleaning the area will be charged to the user group and payment is required within ten (10) business days.

Parking and Speed Limits

  • All vehicles traveling on Girl Scout Property must travel at safe speeds as posted on the site. If speed is not posted the speed is not to exceed ten (10) mph. Each site has different policies regarding parking; Rangers or Caretakers will inform user of parking policies upon arrival.

Quiet Time

  • In consideration of other users of facility, quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.

Food Service

  • If the user group prepares its own food, it assumes all responsibility for foods prepared and for all activities incident to their preparations, and the user group shall hold the Girl Scouts- Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas harmless from any and all liability therefore. 

  • The food service area must be kept clean and only clean utensils will be used. 

  • Food must be handled and stored properly. Qualified personnel shall monitor refrigerators, freezers and dishwasher to ensure they meet or exceed acceptable temperatures and notify the Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas if they do not. 

  • Food is required to be stored and served at appropriate temperatures. 

  • Perishable food items shall be colder than 40 degrees by the use of refrigeration or coolers. If higher temperature is read, notify the Site Manager immediately.


  • It is illegal to make copies of camp keys. 

  • Troops/groups  will be charged for lost keys.

Non-Girl Scouts Individuals/Groups

Hold Harmless Agreement

An Individual or group wishing to rent or use a council facility for a non-Girl Scouts activity must: 

  • Sign a hold harmless agreement with Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas which they take responsibility for any damage to council-owned property or any property they bring. 

  • Indemnify Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas in case of accidents or injuries that occur during or resulting from their activities while on Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas properties.

Certificates of Insurance

Prior to the use of the premises, the Organization must provide the Council with the following evidence of insurance: 

  • Certificate of Comprehensive General Liability insurance including contractual liability for bodily injury and property damage in an amount not less than $300,000 combined single limit. 

  • The Certificate should also include the Council as additional insured. Said coverage shall not be cancelled without at least ten (10) days advance written notice to the Council. 

Shared Usage

  • Non-Girl Scouts groups may not sublease or share the council-owned property with other groups without express written permission of Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 

  • Each Group using a property owned by Girl Scouts- Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas will be considered a separate user.

Policy and Safety Standards

  • Non Girl Scout groups must comply with the policies of the Girl Scouts- Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas and appropriate safety standards in the use of property.

Volunteer Essentials

  • You must have access to copy of Council Resource Guide: Volunteer Essentials     

  • Volunteer Essentials is your encyclopedia to Girl Scout volunteering that's there when you need it. When you have a question, simply look up the topic in the Table of Contents, and you'll find your answer.      

Example: All information about what troops are responsible for bringing, and what they have access to at camps are listed in the Property Use Guidelines and Venture Out I.  Venture Out II, page 95, contains a troop and camper checklist of what items should be brought to camp.  For information on first aid kit requirements, reference page 96 of Volunteer Essentials.