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Camper Questions

So, you are ready to come to camp.  However you might still have some questions.  Here are some questions and answers to help.   

What are my counselors like? Your counselors are usually college students who like to be silly and have fun and are there to make sure you have a good time. Some of the counselors may be just like you!   

What if it storms? When it storms we will head indoors for some fun like songs, games, dance party, game shows or board games.  If the storms get bad, we will hang out in the storm shelter and have some fun.      

What will I eat? A lot of the food you will see is probably the same thing you eat at home; spaghetti, tacos, cookies and fruit. Other foods may be new to you and you just might leave camp with a whole new favorite food!  

Can I call my parents? Camp has a phone that is used for emergencies only. But, your counselors and your camp director is there to listen if you want to talk to somebody. You can always write letters home to your parents. They love getting mail!   

Where will I stay? That depends on what session you sign up for. You might stay in a cabin, tent or bunkhouse. Ask your parents to look with you on our website for pictures of all of our living areas.   

What if I get sick? We make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty to eat. But, if you do feel bad, we have a camp nurse who will talk to you. She will help you feel better so that you can continue to have fun at camp!   

Can I send mail? Yes! Your family will love to receive letters from you. You sometimes get pretty busy at camp so we recommend that you bring some postcards with stamps already on them. You can write a short note on these, place them in our camp mail box and continue to have fun!   

Can my family come visit me? Your family will be able to go all around camp with you on the first and last day of your session. On the other days, you will be having so much fun with your new friends and counselors!  

Can I stay with a friend? Yes! You and your friend should sign up for the same session and arrive at camp around the same time. Tell your counselor you want to stay together and they will put you in the same tent, cabin, or beside each other in the bunk house.   

What will I do at camp? You will get to canoe, swim, hike, make crafts, sing, build campfires, make new friends and much more!