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Meet the Camp Directors

Amanda "Pockets" Hall-  Camp Director | Camp Cahinnio Amanda has been a Girl Scout for almost 25 years and a camper just as long attending camps from Oklahoma to Mexico and finally here in Arkansas.  Amanda began her camp experience selling enough cookies to attend camp each year and working up the ranks from Counselor-In-Training, Counselor, Unit Leader, Lifeguard, Waterfront Director, Archery Instructor, Teambuilding Facilitator, to Camp Director.  She hopes to complete her masters in Camp Administration and Leadership next fall. Amanda feels like a superhero at camp where she gets to share her secret identity traits, characteristics and skills with girls and staff alike.  “Camp has helped me embrace my quirkiness and makes me want to provide the life changing experience to other girls”.  Amanda sees camp as an opportunity for girls to try everything, see what they really can do, and where they shine.   

Linda "Nike" Archer- Camp Director | Camp Crossed Arrows Linda has been a Girl Scout since grade school and began attending Camp Cahinnio in the early 1990’s and continued through her college years. Linda attributes much of her character and life skills to her experience at camp. She has been a camper, counselor, lifeguard, unit leader, and now camp director. After graduating college, with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration, Linda spent 4 years working with Arkansas State Parks as a Park Ranger. In 2009, Linda returned to the world of Girl Scouts as a Program Specialist in the Fort Smith region. In 2011, Linda directed both Camp Cahinnio and Camp High Point and made her move to Camp Crossed Arrows in 2012, where she continues to work. Linda loves sharing the camp experience with new and returning campers and can’t imagine a more fulfilling career.