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Parent to Parent Advice

Here some great stories, suggestions, and thoughts by parents like you:   

Sharon Smith  - has a 6 year old My child learned how to set a table at camp.  When she got home I was amazed when I put the food on the table and the plates and silverware were set out for the whole family.   

Maggie Milt    - has a 15 year old Molly like any teenage has been consumed by Facebook and texting.  However the other evening she came and asked if she could help with dinner.  Since then we have set aside one night a week for her to make dinner.   

Jill Jacobs – has a 12 year old When Janice first went to camp we packed her stuff in the luggage we took with us on family vacations.  It worked but her stuff was in 2 or three small bags.  During her second summer when we were dropping her off we noticed another girl in her cabin had one trunk with all her stuff in it.  That next year we decided to try the trunk and it made things so simple.  It was one piece of luggage, all in one place and could easily be messy or organized.

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Parent to Parent
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