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Bronze Award


The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. This award celebrates Girl Scout Juniors who strive to make a difference in their community. 

  • To receive your Bronze Award, send your Bronze Award Final Report to by March 1 of the project year. 
  • Troops order and purchase the Girl Scout Bronze Award pin from their Regional Girl Scout Diamonds shop and present in a special ceremony sponsored by the troop or service unit. The council will provide a GSUSA Bronze Award Certificate for each recipient.  
  • Have Questions? Call Caroline Bright at (800) 632-6894, ext 6755, or email at
  • The Money-Earning Policies have been updated for Take Action Projects! Contact the Fund Development department at for more information, before you start your project.
Bronze Award Resources

Bronze Girl Guidelines

Bronze Guidelines for Adults

Bronze Final Report

GSUSA's Frequently Asked Questions

Bronze Award Recipients

Congratulations to all the Bronze Award recipients of 2015! We are proud of the positive impact you have made in your communities. If you see any names misspelled, please contact

Troop 6342 | Evelyn Land, Victoria Lambert, Elise McGarity

Troop 5740 | Blakely Spears, Faith Cowherd, Emmalie Mize, Keira Jennings

Troop 6746 | Ella Imboden, Juliana Ferre, Megan McWilliams, Emma Pasierb, Ashlyn Cleary, Olivia Pasierb, Presley Harmon

Troop 6315 | Lindsay Sutherland, Maria Cazzato, Rosa Mosely, Isabella Todd, Emily VanEcko

Troop 6202 | Cheyenne Keenan, Violet Moore, Tabitha Norwood

Troop 6448 | Meredith Allen, Marella Baker, Annabelle Boaz, Angel Braerton, Ashley Daughtey, Lydia Fleener, Ashlynn Foster, Haylee Holiday, Carson McFatridge, Josie Montgomery, Addyson Prior, Makayela Rollins  

Troop 6420 | Aidan Halladay,  Arielle Kirkley, Jenny Preston, McKenzie Red, Lauren Reese, Megan Mills, Bailey Mills, Alyson Kirkley

Troop 6659 | Stella Clark, Cydney Davis, Tonya Fields, Destini Grant, Jaylah Hill, Blair King, Sydney Montgomery 

Troop 6859 | Kaylyn Pendleton, Isabelle Boysen, Sarah Cecil, Alex Holder, Ashlan McDaniel, Natalie Shalin, Sydney Shemper, Summer Qureshi

Troop 6313 | Taylor Schoester, Presley Brown, Reilly McCann

Troop 6181 | Emily Ayres, Olivia Weaver, Pippa Ippolito, Marley Douglas, Kamyrn Collins, Jazmyne Larry,       Kendyll Walker, Cyniyah Colbert, Alexia Thomas, Clara Ilseven

Troop 6778 | Harper Hicks, Madison Moore, MacKenzie Moore, Madison Malesic, Rayla Johnson, Kylie Bell, Jessica Pittman

Troop 6792 | Cassie Deierlein, Elizabeth de Kunffy, Cordelia Noyes, Deaiveon Carter, Julie Fortner, Nandini Vinta, Penny Moyer, Jada Halley, Annalia Walker, Alyssa Puff, Alyssa Owens, Laura Parker, Madison McNichols, Rebecca Boone, Taylor Krickbaum

Troop 2196 | Samantha Wells

Troop 2077 | Marley Bismark, Mynasia Crockett

Troop 2100 | Alyssa Avard, Lia Graham, Madison Hager, Taylor Hicks, Charli Hueter, Johnni Hueter, Gillian Knowles, April McDowell, Brooke Read, Rachel Steed, Mikayla Zvernia

Troop 2060 | Emma Allen, MaKayla Purtle, McKayla Crocker, Alecia Bradley, Alicea Gilmore, Mika Brown,       Ashton Adams

Troop 3150 | Ashani Anderson

Troop 3023 | Keristen Sharpe, Ashley Russon

Troop 3465 | Claire Caples, Sidney Dunham, Reagan Oliver, Ashley Robertson, Cameron Turney, Lauren Hatcher, Maddie Steltenpohl, Alex Steltenpohl, Rowan Waterman

Troop 3429 | Sarah Scales, Arissa White, Jorja Grace Tilighman, McKenzie Sanders, Addison Doney

Troop 4193 | BreeAnna Benavides, Brittlyn Burris, MacKenzie Crowson, Maddison Crowson, Shekinah Donahue,   Emma Paulus

Troop 4385 | Nicole Cope, Shayla Crossno, Shannon Rogers, McKenna Waldrop, Stela Ramirez, Kaylee Henson, Kylee Lineberry, Kimberly Wood

Troop 4111 | Cassidy Childers, Courtney Swilling, Katherine Colyer

Troop 5025 | Sofia Rivera

Troop 5776 | Megan Dial, Lily Haase, Emily Owen, Jasmine Przetocki

Click here to view the complete list of Bronze Award recipient for 2014