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Bronze Award

Junior Girl Scouts (grades 4-5) may work towards/earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

  • To earn the GS Bronze Award, girls may only use the guidelines below.  All former guidelines are now invalid and will not be recognized.
  • Upon completion of project, girls must submit the Bronze Award Final Report to the Council Awards Coordinator no later than February 15th of each year in order to be recognized at spring ceremonies.
  • Questions regarding the GS Bronze Award process may be emailed to

Bronze Award Recipients

Troop 2169 - Leader Deb York 
Project -  Support of Military Personnel
Myra Blanca, Grace Nicholson, Madison Poe, Mackenzie Poe, Cheyanna Featherson

Troop 1309 Shelly WallaceProject - Bullying

Kyla Wright, Paige Howard, Melissa Deleo, Shelby Poor, Riley Dumond, Sydney Dumond, Holly Smith, Kaitlyn Morgan 

Troop - 2077
Leader - Billie Dadgar
Project - Recycling
Leila Dadgar, Angelina Roberts, Maile Williams Soraya Iverson

Troop - 2412 
Leader - Leigh Teague
Project - Recycling & Energy Awareness
Victoria Davis

Troop - 2125
Leader - Lori Wood
Project - Recycling/Waste Reduction 
Hollan Borowitz, Olivia Bruggeman, Haley Greer, Megan Harrison, Raven Ivory, Kara Jefferies, Nicole Kennedy, Molly Kyles, Raelyn Ligon, Sarah Lingle, Cierra Manley, Katelyn Mitchell, Kaitlyn Rogers, Macie Webb, Julia Whitehorn, Haley Wood

Troop - 5372 
Leader - Angela Tilley
Project - Helping the Humane Society
Jayson Toney 

Troop - 4358
Leader - Amber Bryant
Project - Educating Pet Owners
Sarah Bryant, Lauren McGill, Cammee Bass, Stephanie Barnes, Moriah Dusenbury, Raegan Stamps, Kami Machan, Maddie Templeton, Sam Mayhan, Kylee Lynch

Troop - 5030
Leader - Kelly Keeton
Project - Girl Scout Awareness
Kiersten Keeton 

Troop - 5035
Leader - Jacquelin Fischer
Project - Elder care awareness
Cloey Fischer, Davinah Denzer, Emmaline Dewberry, Jameline Licon, Ashleigh Wilson, Jazmin Fischer, Tara Sullivan, Skye Harris

Troop - 6047
Leader - Shonitra Elliott
Project - Energy Efficiency 
Aliana Smith, Justyce Carter, Reaghan Byrne, Samaiya Elliott, Amber Thompson, Haley Duvall

Troop -6202
Leader - Kim Byrd
Project - Child Hunger
Kaitlyn Byrd, Kaylee Hathcock, Caitlyn Jones, Hannah Clemons, Sydney Pennington

Troop - 6675 
Leader - Emily Hulsey
Project - Animal abuse/shelter dogs
Brittney Allen, Tori Taylor, Chloe Hines, Kaity Hulsey

Bronze Award Resources

Bronze Girl Guidelines

Bronze Guidelines for Adults

Bronze Final Report

GSUSA's Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations to all the Bronze Award recipients of 2014! We are proud of the positive impact you have made in your communities. If you see any names misspelled, please contact