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2012 Gold Award Recipients

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a girl member can earn.  It requires Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors (grades 9-12) to dedicate a minimum of two years to complete all requirements.  With the Girl Scout Leadership Experience as its core, the Girl Scout Gold Award challenges girls to identify issues about which they care deeply and plan and execute a Take Action Project that will leave a lasting impact on the benefiting community.

The 2012 Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients are:

 Kailey Barnett

Troop 1170, Monticello, AR 

Troop Leaders:  Linda Beam and Brenda Chisom 

Parents:  Billy and Pam Barnett

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  14

Kailey taught younger children about the four R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Refuse. She taught classes that included picking up trash and sorting it into things that were recyclable, and making crafts out of the recycled items. The class learned about theimpact of trash on the environment and natural resources, as well as, about conserving electricity and water. In addition to theclass, she also held a booth at the county fair and passed out materials to educate the public about recycling. She is interested in dancing and riding four-wheelers. After finishing high school, Kailey plans to workwith preschool children.

Tori Storm Buie

Troop 4089, Van Buren, AR

Troop Leader:  Dr. Mary Boone

Parents:  Tom and April Buie

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  9

Tori hosted an Earth Day Fair at the local library, which targeted elementary children from all over Van Buren with a coloringsheet contest on recycling. She partnered with Keep Van Buren Beautiful Commission to pinpoint all recycling drop off sites inthe area and used that information to create a map of all recyclebins for public use. Tori has been a Girl Scout for nine years and is currently enrolled at Missouri State University where she is pursuing a degree in education. Tori plans to live abroad in Europe for one year after graduating. She is interested in camping, music, foreign languages, travel and recycling.

Brianna Clowers

Troop 6134, Little Rock, AR

Troop Leaders:  Deborah Bobo and Susan Rose

Parents:  Mike and Dana Clowers

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  12

Brianna’s project was focused on bringing awareness to her community about the struggles and hardships of Honduran children. She created an art curriculum for Honduran children that consisted of creating bracelets outof a native Honduran seed called Saint Peter’s Tears. When the bracelets were finished, they were sent to the United States and distributed freely to small communities to bring awareness to the plight of Honduran children. Brianna enjoys drawing, painting, photography, playing tennis and listening to new types of music. She plans to go to PulaskiTechnical College to major in Biology and minor in Art

Olivia Dandredge

Troop 6659, Little Rock, AR

Troop Leader:  Connie Toney

Parents:  Daryl and Gail Dandredge

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  6

Olivia collected new and used books for a school in Kenya as part of a projected called Kenya Relief. Total, Olivia collected 380 books, in addition to many school supplies. Olivia is quite proud of her project because she is aware of what an achievement education is to the children of Kenya. Some of the books she collected were shared with Our House Shelter and The Dorcas House in Little Rock. Olivia enjoys singing, praise dancing and organizing events. She plans to attend Henderson State University to study Business Management.Jessica Eckberg

Troop 5238, Mountain Home, AR

Troop Leader:  Judi Iverson

Parents:  Eric and Julie Eckberg

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  12

Jessica’s project was to bring awareness to pet obesity. She created a pet obesity awareness brochure and placed copies of it in local veterinarian offices and businesses. Jessica also created a website,, and held a Pet Health Fair to inform pet owners about the dangers of pet obesity, and provided information aboutpet nutrition and exercise. During the Pet Health Fair, Jessica demonstrated how to walk pets on a treadmill and even held a drawing at the end to give away a treadmill. She enjoys tennis, camping, hiking, geocaching, art, and desktop publishing. Jessica is a current student at the Universityof Arkansas majoring in pre-veterinary medicine. After completing her bachelor’s degree she plans to continue her education at a veterinary college and become a veterinarian.

Faith Mullins

Troop 6663, Little Rock, AR

Troop Leader:  Hope Mullins

Parents:  Hope Mullins

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  11

Faith focused on introducing “green” to Central High School by creating a sustainable recycling program. She created a large and active Environmental Club and she started Central High School on the right steps to becoming a certified environmentally friendly school. Faith’s project increased the awareness of environmental problems throughout the school and community. Faith enjoys environmental activism and plans to continue her environmental activism throughout her life.

Macy Shirley

Troop 2212, Texarkana, TX

Troop Leaders:  Kim Teer and Kay Shirley

Parents:  Thomas and Kay Shirley

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  11

Macy completed a project titled Tiger Fit Club. Her goal wasto help children in her area be more aware of the importance of exercise and proper eating habits. Macy hosted a two week camp at a local elementary school during Tier II, which is a program for students who struggle on the State exam. She performed surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and widened the scope of her project by creating exercise videos that are accessible for all elementary students in her district. Macy enjoys long-distance running, ballet, playing the piano, traveling and spending time with friends. She plans to attend the College of Charleston and major in Chemistry. Macy’s ultimate goal is to become a dentist.

Stephanie Westberg

Troop 2280, Arkadelphia, AR

Troop Leader:  Pamela Westberg

Parents:  Scott and Pamela Westberg

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  12

Stephanie sewed 30 duffle bags and 30 ditty bags for the foster children in her county. The ditty bags were filled with basic toiletry items: shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and hairbrush. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Clark County will distribute the bags to foster children to assist them in their transition from home to home. Stephanie enjoys playing piano and bassoon, knitting, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and working with kids. She plans to attend Ouachita Baptist University to major in Early Childhood Education and minor in Christian Studies. Someday she hopes to become a foster parent and work with those less fortunate than herself.

Margaret Woods

Troop 6659, Little Rock, AR

Troop Leaders:  Lee Lyle and ElMarie Barnes

Parents:  Ron and Freda Woods

Number of Years in Girl Scouting:  11

Margaret focused on awareness of Hispanic heritage for her project. She started the Hispanic Heritage Club at Parkview High School to teach students the different aspects of Hispanic culture and heritage. The theme of this year was Health of Hispanics and members of the Hispanic Heritage Club learned all about the health problems that those with Hispanic heritage face, as well as, folkloric dance and the Spanish language. Members of the Hispanic Heritage Club learned many things that they will be able to utilize in their everyday lives. Margaret enjoys art, dancing, Hispanic culture, mathematics and volunteering. After graduating from high school she plans to attend college and major in Pre-Medicine, followed by future plans of attending Medical School.