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2013 Gold Award Recipients

Brooklyn Bobo
Troop #6134 - Little Rock, AR
Troop Leaders:  Deborah Bobo and Susan Rose

Brooklyn’s project focused on introducing recycling to kids at church and in the community.  She created a wide range of activities to engage kids in recycling and to get their parents more involved in using the three R’s:  Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.  Brooklyn’s project served to increase awareness throughout the church and community of environmental problems.  

Brooklyn currently attends the University of Indianapolis in Indiana where she is double-majoring in Pre-Art Therapy and Studio Art with a minor in Psychology.  She plans to work with kids as an Art Therapist and hopes to someday open her own art gallery to showcase artwork that raises awareness of issues that children around the world face.  Brooklyn is the daughter of Glenn and Deborah Bobo and she has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Samantha Bressler
Troop #3150 - Jonesboro, AR
Troop Leader:  Cynthia Bressler

Samantha’s Gold Award project focused on helping girls build higher self-esteem.  She held a month-long program at City Youth Ministry to teach girls about real beauty and dispel the belief that girls in magazines are the role models for today’s girls. 

Samantha plans to attend College of the Ozarks beginning this fall to pursue photography.  She has large ambitions of exploring many areas throughout her education and believes she will accomplish her goals, just as she did in achieving her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Samantha is the daughter of Richard and Cynthia Bressler and she has been a Girl Scout for ten years.

Autumn Brown
Troop #6134 - Little Rock, AR 
Troop Leaders:  Deborah Bobo and Susan Rose

For her project, Autumn implemented a Get Fit-Stay Fit program as part of the afterschool program at Our House, a family shelter in Little Rock for the working homeless.  She educated students about the difficulties associated with childhood obesity and helped them better understand what it is and that it is never too late or early to live a healthy life.  Autumn created fun games and activities for the children to participate in to help them gain knowledge that will better their lives and the lives of others.  

Autumn is currently attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Autumn is the daughter of Perry and Michele Brown and she has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Ashley Carr
Troop #6255 - Cabot, AR
Troop Leader:  Sam Carr

Ashley focused her project on teaching kids how to swim.  Ashley gave a presentation to children at the Boys and Girls Club in Jacksonville on both water safety and swimming for recreation and lifestyle.  She developed creative ways to “make it cool to follow the rules,” which taught kids to wear a life jacket and how to swim properly.  During the program, kids played games and talked about how to be safe in all types of water environments and in the places they swim in their communities.  

Ashley plans to continue the work she started by leading members of her Girl Scout troop, who have committed to the project for next year, by leading the girls in obtaining grants and/or scholarships to fund swim lessons and swim team memberships to those with the desire to pursue swimming.  Ashley is the daughter of Robert and Sam Carr and has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Emily Darnell
Troop #6157 - Maumelle, AR
Troop Leaders:  Jane Darnell and Rhonda Zajac

Emily focused her project on meeting the therapy needs of special education students at England Elementary School.  Due to a lack of available space, children with special education needs at England Elementary School were not able to receive therapy as often as needed.  Emily’s project established a permanent therapy room at the school so that the therapists now have a place to work with children every day, instead of once or twice per week as they were able to do before.  Emily’s project helped purchase equipment designed to help children with special needs and she organized the therapy room into activity stations.  

She plans to start taking college classes while she finishes high school and then go on to attend college to become an occupational therapist or teacher, as well as, continue volunteering in her community.  Emily is the daughter of Dan and Jane Darnell and has been a Girl Scout for nine years.

Jessica Green
Troop #4005 - Fort Smith, AR
Troop Leader:  Debbie Green

Jessica’s project benefited the Children’s Emergency Shelter in Fort Smith.  She organized a fun event for the kids living at the shelter, where they played games, fellowshipped over lunch, and had a chance to test their skills on a rock climbing wall and play pool.  The kids had a great time and loved interacting with volunteers.  Jessica partnered with area businesses to educate employees about the needs of the shelter and to collect donations for the shelter.  She collected 461 items ranging from basic cleaning supplies the shelter needed to clothes, toys and personal care items that the children will be able to keep.  

Jessica plans to attend the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith and major in accounting.  Jessica is the daughter of Perry and Debbie Green and she has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Natalie Jarvis
Troop #2151 - Texarkana, TX
Troop Leader:  Larkin Jarvis

For her project, Natalie organized and executed a community garden to provide food for the needy in the community.  After researching, Natalie discovered that Harvest Texarkana, a local food bank, had not been receiving enough produce to provide all those that they served.  Natalie partnered with Harvest Texarkana and through the community garden, provided 200 pounds of fresh produce including summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs and some watermelons for those in need in the community.  

Natalie plans to attend Texarkana College and Texas A&M University in Texarkana to pursue a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education.  Natalie is the daughter of John and Larkin Jarvis and she has been a Girl Scout for eleven years.

Jennifer Keys
Troop #5133 - Harrison, AR
Troop Leader:  Karen Keys

Jennifer’s project addressed community awareness of childhood hunger on a local, regional and global scale.  Jennifer highlighted the insufficient supply of food for the First Lutheran Backpack Program and raised awareness of the prevalence of childhood hunger in her community.  

After she graduates high school, Jennifer plans to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and pursue a degree in agricultural business with pre-law concentration.  Jennifer is the daughter of Rodney and Karen Keys and has been a Girl Scout for eleven years.

Adriana Napolitano
Troop #6134 - Little Rock, AR 
Troop Leaders:  Deborah Bobo and Susan Rose

Adriana’s project titled The Girl Effect addressed issues that girls in developing countries face, such as lack of access to education, early marriage, mortality due to early childbirth, and lifelong poverty.  Adriana presented information about the impact to girls’ families and communities when girls obtain their education and develop ways to support themselves.  She spoke to attendees of Arkansas Governor’s School in order to bring awareness and empower audience members to get involved and do something to improve educational opportunities for girls.  

Adriana is currently double-majoring in Music-Vocal Performance and Theater.  Adriana is the daughter of Charles and Maria Napolitano and she has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Jaime Neal
Troop #6097 - Little Rock, AR
Troop Leader:  Bonnie Neal

For Jaime’s project, she worked with Grace Meadow Farm in Little Rock and focused her project on the use of horse therapy in treating those suffering from depression.  Jaime provided eighty hours of service to the horse program, which helps adults, children, and their families as they grapple with life’s difficult transitions and relationships.  Jaime cared for the horses and served as a mentor to children at Grace Meadow Farm, as well as, took care of younger children while their parents attended therapy sessions.  She created posters to present to civic clubs, churches, schools and scout groups in order to raise awareness and funds for Grace Meadow Farm.  

Jaime plans to continue volunteering with Grace Meadow Farm and working with the Girl Scout Daisy Troop that she currently leads, while working in the banking industry upon graduation.  Jaime is the daughter of James and Bonnie Neal and has been a Girl Scout for fourteen years.

Sara Studnar
Troop #5216 - Mountain Home, AR
Troop Leader:  Sue Wepprecht

For her project, Sara focused on providing a safety blanket for children in Serenity House, a safe house for women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence.  Sara made fleece blankets to give to the boys and girls who live at Serenity House.  The blankets not only provided warmth for the boys and girls, but also provided a sense of security by giving them something to call their own.  Throughout her project, Sara raised awareness of Serenity House in her community.  

Sara plans to attend college and pursue a degree in graphic design.  Sara is the daughter of Bobby and Sue Studnar and she has been a Girl Scout for twelve years.

Elizabeth Underwood
Troop #5216 - Mountain Home, AR 
Troop Leader:  Sue Wepprecht

Elizabeth made blankets to be carried in fire truck and police cards to hand out to children in emergency situations, such as a house fire or being removed from an unfit home.  Elizabeth felt the blankets would help children know that even if their world seems to be crumbling, someone is thinking about them and loves them.  

She plans to earn her Master’s degree in Elementary Education at Missouri State University and teach inner city and/or underprivileged children upon completion of her education.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Sue Wepprecht and she has been a Girl Scout for twelve years.

Destiny Williams
Troop #2258 - Texarkana, TX
Troop Leaders:  Traci Cantin and Lindsey McMillan

Destiny created the Berry Blissful Patch program at Theron Jones Elementary School.  The Berry Blissful Patch was the first small garden to be planted at Theron Jones Elementary.  Destiny’s project combined learning and health by allowing the students to enjoy a healthy snack while learning math and gardening skills that they will hopefully take home to continue the education with their parents.  Destiny’s focus was to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and encourage the students to grow their own gardens at home.  

After high school, Destiny plans to attend college to pursue a degree in social work.  She plans to continue volunteering with the Girl Scouts and Theron Jones Elementary and hopes to someday start a troop of her own.  Destiny’s dream is to start a nonprofit organization to help children in single parent homes, those in homes of low socioeconomic status, and abused children.  Destiny is the daughter of Charles and Ericca Jordan, and Michael and Phronda Williams and she has been a Girl Scout for six years.