Diamonds Council Recognitions Review Committee

Each nomination is reviewed upon receipt. The Council Recognitions Committee considers:

  • Previous adult recognition and training history of the candidate

Has the candidate received any other Girl Scout awards (for example, Outstanding Leader, Leadership Development Pin, Volunteer of Excellence, etc.)? Has the candidate completed their Fundamental 5 (if applicable) or other necessary training appropriate for their job or position?

  • Time frame of service given

Has the candidate shown outstanding service in the time period since s/he was last recognized? Was this a new project that was truly outstanding in nature?

  • Award requirements

Does the candidate meet the requirements specific to the award s/he is nominated for?

  • Expectations for the position

Does the candidate's service exceed that which is expected for his/her position?

Each nomination is reviewed on an individual basis without comparison to other nominees.

If you are interested in serving on the Recognition Review Committee, please contact the Volunteer Pathway department by emailing