Outdoor Series

Once troops are ready to begin camping outdoors, special training is necessary. At least one adult must have First Aider level 1 training for all trips of one day or more. If you plan to take your troop camping, please see the requirements listed below.

Venture Out 1

(This class must be taken prior to troop travel with any overnight stay - no fire building permitted)

This independent study course provides Volunteers with instructions on organizing and facilitating activities with girls for program activities that involve overnight stay, including overnights in the home, Girl Scout facilities such as Scout Houses, camping activities with sleep in cabins, hotels, and educational overnight programs such as lock-ins. Girl Scout camping traditions, basic dishwashing skills, how to set up and utilize Kaper Charts, learning to identify native plants and animal identification skills, and Leave No Trace fundamentals will be covered in this basic home study course.

Prerequisites: Out & About

Requirements: Outdoor Educational Manual (available for purchase in Council shop $10)

Venture Out I Booklet

Venture Out I Exam

Venture Out II

(This class must be taken prior to any troop travel at a camp with fire building necessity).

By the end of this training, participants will be able to help their troop plan and execute an outdoor camping/overnight trip by using progression in planning to guide girls in Girl-led decision-making. Volunteers will be able to teach their troop skills and leadership techniques. These include basic knife safety, and fundamentals of fire building, tents, and outdoor safety. Also fundamentals of environmental awareness, how to prepare for the weather, identify proper clothing and gear for outdoor camping, and how to pack for an outdoor overnight are covered topics. Meal planning, food storage, basic techniques for outdoor cooking will be taught including foil dinners, one-pot meals, campfire cooking, and propane stoves.

Prerequisites: Out & About, Venture Out I

Note: This is an in-person class, please check our Adult Education Calendar for available dates and times. This is an all-day class with possible, optional overnight. The cost is $20.