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Volunteer Pathways

Volunteer Opportunities

There are now several ways (we call them pathways) to get involved simply by matching your expertise, skills, and interests with the opportunities available. We have volunteer opportunities for day, week or longer. Choose the pathway that is right for you.

SERIES: This pathway is the quickest and easiest way to become immediately involved in Girl Scouting. Series opportunities are classes or workshops that connect girls with common interests. Series Pathways relate to a specific theme or purpose (science, outdoors, health, leadership, etc.) and may run for four weeks or two months with the same group of girls. Short-term.

EVENTS: Diamonds offers several one-day events. Whatever your interests are, there is a Girl Scout event for you. Girls can customize their Girl Scout experience and attend as many or as few events as they like. Short-term.

TROOP: Troops are formed by! A Girl Scout troop consists of at least two non-related adult volunteer troop leaders and at least five girls. Troops meet regularly (you choose how often), usually for the duration of the school year. Troops provide an opportunity for girls to discover, connect, and take action through a variety of activities including events, troop trips, cookies, science, badge work, service, etc. Long-term.

TRAVEL: Girl Scouts go places! Girls in grades 6 to 12 can take their Girl Scout experience to a whole new level as they become their own travel agent through a Travel Pathway. Girl Scouts sponsor regional, national, and international trips. Take an individual journey to a destination of your choice, travel as a troop or group, or join other Girl Scouts to explore the world! Get going with current travel pathways now! Short-term.

CAMP: This is the most traditional and memorable way to become involved in Girl Scouting. Girl Scout camp provides a safe and fun environment where girls explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities. There are a variety of camp programs for girls ages 5 to 17. Participate in a day camp for several afternoons, enjoy an overnight minicamp, or register for a resident camp and stay for a week. Short-term.