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Are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts merging?
I thought they were the same organization?
Will boys be allowed to join Girl Scouts?

Since announcements by Boy Scouts of America about “allowing” girls to join, we keep hearing these and other questions and comments. are confused. Nationally and locally, we are hearing examples from families, schools and members of the community of confusing information and unchecked misconceptions surrounding the Boy Scouts’ decision.

Make no mistake, our staff and volunteers are focused on continuing our work to build GIRLS of courage, confidence and character. That’s right, girls have always been our focus, and will continue to be our focus. We will not be allowing boys to join Girl Scouts.

Despite our desire to focus on this important work 106 years strong, the issues surrounding the Boy Scouts have become a distraction and frustration for volunteers and parents, and the confusion experienced by schools and community members is hampering our ability to do what we do best – prepare girls for a lifetime of leadership, providing them opportunities to lead, speak up and take risks in all-girl, girl-led and girl-friendly environments, where their specific needs and learning styles are addressed.

The easiest and most succinct way we can address much of the confusion is to reinforce that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are, and always have been, separate organizations, and are not merging.

The fact that Boy Scouts is allowing girls to join its organization does not mean the two groups are merging or collaborating in any way, and girls who join the Boy Scouts are NOT Girl Scouts.

We have taken steps to inform our volunteers and parents. Now we want to provide that information and some resources to anyone who may find it helpful. Below you will find links to a variety of information we hope will help answer some questions you may have or clear up confusing information.

We need your help!

Talk a LOT! Our volunteers, parents, Girl Scouts and Girl Scout supporters are the lifeblood of our organization. We need you to share the value of Girl Scouts, through your stories and experiences, with your family, friends and community. Tell others what you or your girl have gained through Girl Scouts and why girl Scouts matters to you. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Be prepared to be a mythbuster. Clear up misconceptions and stereotypes when you hear them. Some of the most common ones are that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are merging, and that Girl Scouts don’t do adventure (so not true!). Familiarize yourself with the mythbuster and FAQ documents below so you can be an advocate and educator. If you hear something that sounds “off” to you or a hear a myth that we should add to the list, email us.

Be Social! On social media, share content, such as other posts, news articles and other information that promote the importance and impact of Girl Scouting. Follow us and share our posts – let your networks know why you’re proud to be a part of an organization that puts girls at the center.

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Resources for Volunteers and Parents
Frequently Asked Questions
Girl Scouts Mythbusters
Tips for Responding to Misconceptions
Why Girl Scouts Tip Sheet for Girls
Why Girl Scouts is Here to Stay: A Letter from our CEO

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