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Summer Camp

Mission Statement

Girl Scouts- Diamonds Camps of Excellence provide a safe, fun and beautiful space for girls to be empowered to seek challenges, develop their independence, make meaningful connections with peers and learn and thrive in the outdoors.

Registration for Summer Camp 2019 opens February 18!

Note: Camp registration is now through the DoubleKnot system. New registrants will create a login when registering for camp. For questions or technical issues, please contact our customer care team at 800-632-6894. Returning registrants may log in using their existing user name and password.


2018 Camp Guide

2019 Camp Guide arrives in early January!

Please contact us at 800-632-6894 or email with any questions!

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Earn the Happy Camper Property Patch! Check out the requirements, then start planning your visits! 

Meet the Camp Directors
Linda Archer

Linda “Nike” Archer Camp Director | Camp Crossed Arrows has been a Girl Scout since grade school and began attending Camp Cahinnio in the early 1990s and continued through her college years. Linda attributes much of her character and life skills to her experience at camp. She has been a camper, counselor, lifeguard, unit leader, and now camp director. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration, Linda spent four years working with Arkansas State Parks as a park ranger. In 2009, Linda returned to the world of Girl Scouts as a program specialist in the Fort Smith region. In 2011, Linda directed both Camp Cahinnio and Camp High Point and made her move to Camp Crossed Arrows in 2012, where she continues to work. Linda loves sharing the camp experience with new and returning campers and can’t imagine a more fulfilling career.

Betony Maringer

Betony “Freedom” Weakley-Maringer – Camp Director | Camp Cahinnio joined Girl Scouts as a Brownie and excitedly took every opportunity to get outdoors that she could get her small hands on. As she grew, Camp NOARK became her summer home. While stepping through the roles of camper, CIT, junior counselor, unit counselor, unit leader, CIT director, lifeguard, canoe instructor, program staff, and program director she was fortunate to experience the diversity of Girl Scout camps in three different states. Betony studied Outdoor Recreation at the University of Arkansas and Agro-Ecology at Prescott College in Arizona.  Her love of outdoor recreation took her to the Yukon Territory and a National Outdoor Leadership School course for outdoor educators. Betony is thrilled to bring her adventures full circle and back home to Arkansas where she will once again be making magic with her fellow Girl Scouts - this time as director at Camp Cahinnio!

Kristina Northup

Kristina “Rokie” Northup – Assistant Camp Director | Camp Cahinnio has been a Girl Scout for 21 years since she joined as a Daisy in Kindergarten. She attended Camp NOARK and Camp Cahinnio during her scouting years. Her love for camping started as a Girl Scout at Camp NOARK and she has served as a counselor and unit leader at both Camp NOARK and Camp Cahinnio. When at camp she enjoys the wildlife – birds, snakes and spiders and her knowledge about these and other animals helps calm the campers’ fears.  Kristina studied engineering and early childhood education at the University of Arkansas and has been working for the Springdale Public Schools for four years. She brings her passion for helping children grow to Camp Cahinnio, where she hopes to help girls gain confidence and strong leadership skills through unique outdoor experiences. 

Camp FAQs

If your question has not been answered below, please contact us at 800-632-6894 or by email.

Q: When will camp registration open for 2018?
A: Camp registration opens online February 19, 2018.

Q: How will camp benefit my camper?
A: Girls attending a week of resident camp experience 68 hours of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which engages girls in discovering themselves, connecting with others, and taking action to make the world a better place! Camp provides a safe, positive, fun-filled and adventurous setting, which encourages discovery, problem solving, and self-growth. It’s a place where every girl explores the joys of camping and being outside, discovers independence and self-reliance, learns new skills, makes lifelong friends, experiences group living and compromise, has fun, expands self-confidence, shares dreams and laughter and much more, all within a set of controlled, safe boundaries. For parents seeking more information, click here or view the American Camp Association’s "Because of Camp" video.

Q: Who may attend Girl Scout camp?
A: Any girl entering grades 1-12 in the fall of 2018 can attend camp. For those not currently registered as a Girl Scout, there is an additional $25 fee, payable when registering for camp. This membership fee will register the girl as a Girl Scout from now until September 30.

Q: Can my camper request a buddy?
A: One of the benefits of camp is making new friends, and most campers come to camp without a buddy. Upon arrival at camp, all girls may select their specific bed in their assigned unit. Selecting the same camp session dates, sleeping accommodations, and arriving at the same time will ensure that friends in the same age group will be in the same sleeping building.

Q: Who gets a camp t-shirt and patch?
A: Anyone (girls and adults) ATTENDING resident camp, including family/troop camping, gets a 2018 camp t-shirt and patch.

Q: Can my camper receive phone calls?
A: The camp telephone is for emergency and business calls. In case you need to contact the camp director during camp, the phone number will be included in your confirmation packet. We ask that campers leave cell phones and any other electronics at home. We strive to provide a safe environment for your campers and because we cannot be responsible for the misuse or safe keeping of phones and electronics, we must enforce this policy.

Q: What is the deadline to pay camp fees?
A: A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $50 is required for all camp sessions at time of registration. All remaining camp fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to the camp session start date. Cookie Bucks may not be used for the deposit, but can be used for all remaining camp fees.

Q: What about spending money?
A: The Trading Post (aka camp store) sells items such as stamps, patches, t-shirts, stuffed animals, pens, journals, etc. Campers may deposit money or Cookie Bucks into their Trading Post account on the opening day of their camp session. The camp office keeps a running total of how much your camper purchases and any money not spent will be refunded or may be donated on the last day of camp. Campers should not keep money in their living units, luggage, etc. Camp is not responsible for any money lost that was not deposited into the Trading Post.

Q: When is the deadline for financial assistance?
A: All Campership applications must be completed online at the time of registration. If attending multiple sessions, any financial assistance will be divided equally among the sessions. Camperships are offered on a first come, first served basis. Campership applications are reviewed twice monthly beginning March 1, and Camperships will continue to be dispersed until funding is depleted. A completed camp registration and required deposits must accompany any application for financial assistance. You will be notified by mail of your application status and must respond promptly to accept or decline funding. Applying early is highly encouraged.

Q: Can my camper have visitors?
A: We encourage families to visit camp and meet camp staff during our Open House in the spring and on opening and closing days of each session. For security reasons, other visits are only allowed by appointment.

Q: What if my camper takes medication?
A: Campers who take medication routinely, including over-the-counter or nonprescription drugs, must bring medications in the original packaging/bottle. Parents will turn in and discuss all medication with the health supervisor at check-in. All medication is kept in a locked cabinet in the Health Center and will be administered to the camper based on the original packaging/bottle. Emergency inhalers or epi-pens will be kept with the camper’s counselor to ensure safety of the other campers.

Q: What training does camp staff receive?
A: The camp staff receives eight or more days of extensive on-site training prior to the arrival of campers. Training includes First Aid and CPR, safety and risk management, emergency response, activity programming and outdoor skills, how to deal with bullying and homesickness, and much more. Staff who supervise specialized activities have additional training and qualifications.

Q: Will my camper receive a badge for attending camp?
A: Your camper will participate in many skill building activities and new adventures while at camp, but may not complete all the requirements for an earned badge. You will receive a check-list of the activities in which your camper participated, including activities linked to badges.

Q: What about the weather?
A: Campers naturally adapt to living in the summer heat by staying hydrated, resting during the hottest part of the day, and wearing cool, cotton clothing. Every effort is made to keep the girls cool on very hot days, and our daily plans consider the weather and the heat. In the event of severe heat, we will implement steps to ensure your camper’s comfort and safety. In the event of severe weather, girls are moved to shelter according to each camp’s emergency action plan. The girls participate in alternative “rainy day” activities in a protected environment. For our specific severe weather plans of action, please contact the Camp Director.

Q: Do I need a physical to attend camp?
A: Physicals are required for all sessions where a parent or troop leader will not be present – even three-day sessions. Physicals must be less than 12 months old on the first day of the camp session. For family and troop camps, physicals are not required for either child or adult participants.

Q: Can my camper receive mail? E-mail?
A: YES! Mail time is the highlight of every camper’s day! Parents are encouraged to contribute to the success of the camping experience by writing pleasant, cheerful letters. Please be careful to exclude news that might cause your camper to worry or feel unsupported. You will receive the camp mailing address in your parent information packet, as well as directions on using the email service, Bunk1. Please note that due to rural locations, camp postal mail can sometimes be slow, and letters should be sent with plenty of time to arrive. You may also drop off letters and care packages during check-in which will be distributed on days you request.

Q: What will my camper eat?
A: Meals are prepared in our health department-inspected kitchen by experienced cooks. The girls and staff also enjoy occasional cookouts. Special dietary needs or allergies must be noted at the time of registration. Please contact the camp director if your camper requires an extremely modified diet as we want to work with you to provide the best experience possible for your camper. Please do not send food with campers or in care packages, etc. unless prior arrangements have been made with the camp director.

Q: Who will be supervising my camper?
A: Camp staff members are enthusiastic, talented and caring adults, who are selected on the basis of their experience, ability to serve as role models and their genuine desire to work with children. Many of them have strong Girl Scout backgrounds. The ratio of counselors to girls varies with the age of the campers. Camp units with younger girls have the greatest ratio of counselors to campers, and at minimum, there are always two adults present with each group of girls.

Q: What do you do about homesickness?
A: It is normal, regardless of age, to miss home. Parents can help their camper prepare for being at camp by talking positively about camp before arrival, helping the camper pack, and encouraging the camper that all will be fine at home while they are away. Parents often don’t realize that a frequent cause of a camper’s missing home is worry that her parents will be “camper-sick”. It’s important for parents to settheir campers up for success. She is listening when you say “you’re going to have so much fun  at camp,” and cheerful letters from home help her feel supported and happy at camp. If you say “we’re going to miss you so much,” your camper may be worried all week how you’re getting along without her.

Q: What if my camper needs medical attention?
A: Camp has a qualified health supervisor on-site, and a doctor or registered nurse is also on-call if illness or injury requires additional medical attention. Parents will be notified any time in which the health supervisor recommends that your child see a physician or in the event of an emergency. The health supervisor administers routine health care and medication. If your camper has special health needs, please specify her needs on her health form and speak to the health supervisor on day of arrival. Strong communication between parents and the camp director will ensure the best camp experience for your camper.

Camp Financial Policies

Girl Scouts-Diamonds encourages girls to participate in the Cookie Program to assist in covering the camp fees. Our campership financial assistance program is open for all girls to apply. Priority is given to first time campers.

Deposits and Fees

A $50 non-refundable deposit per session is due with each registration (deposits may be transferred to a “Second Round Registration” session). Deposit serves as first payment of total camp fee. Deposits may be paid by check, cash or money order. Cookie Bucks cannot be accepted for the deposit. All remaining fees must be paid a minimum of two weeks prior to start of camp session. If camper is not currently a Girl Scout, an additional $25 will be added to camp fee, registering camper as a Girl Scout until Sept. 30. Membership fee is non-refundable.

Refund Policy

Refund of camp fees, including Cookie Bucks, (excluding $50 deposit and $25 membership fee) will be given for cancellations up to 14 days prior to a session's start date. Cancellations made less than 14 days prior will receive a refund (excluding the deposit) only if accompanied by a doctor’s statement of illness. Camper fees will not be refunded if a camper leaves camp due to homesickness or misconduct. Camper fees will not be refunded if camper arrives with head lice. Camperships are not refundable.

Cookie Bucks

Cookie Bucks are earned by participating in the annual Girl Scout cookie sale. Cookie Bucks can be applied to any part of the registration, excluding the deposit. Cookie Buck payments must be made by phone or in person. Cookie Bucks can also be used on merchandise in the on-site camp store during campers' sessions. At this time, we cannot accept payment of Cookie Bucks online. We apologize for this inconvenience.


All Campership applications must be completed online at the time of registration. If attending multiple sessions, any financial assistance will be divided equally among the sessions. Camperships are offered on a first come, first served basis. Campership applications are reviewed twice monthly beginning March 1, and Camperships will continue to be dispersed until funding is depleted. A completed camp registration and required deposits must accompany any application for financial assistance. You will be notified by mail of your application status and must respond promptly to accept or decline funding. Applying early is strongly encouraged.

Please contact us with any questions at 800-632-6894 or by email.

Jobs at Camps

Applications for Resident Camp Staff 2018 are now being accepted.

Apply at the link above, email, or call (800) 632-6894 with questions.

Work with Us

Join us for the most MEMORABLE Summer EVER! Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls. We strive daily to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place and our girls need you to make it possible!

What’s included?

  • Paid bi-weekly
  • Free room and board
  • Three meals and snacks provided daily – and the occasional Girl Scout Cookies, too!
  • Two hours off each day, one day off every two weeks and a mid-summer break for Independence Day holiday
  • All training provided at no cost. Every camp staff member will participate in a 1-2-week training period, including certification in CPR/First Aid, instruction in job-specific duties or certifications as needed, an overview of Girl Scout programming and preparing to work with girls.

Not a Girl Scout yet? Not a Problem!

Many of our camp staff members did not grow up as a Girl Scout. As a part of your employment, you will be enrolled as a Girl Scout Member and your membership will be paid by the Girl Scouts – Diamonds Council.

Apply now!

Girl Scouts – Diamonds Summer Camp staff work 5-8 weekly sessions and attend trainings throughout the summer. Summer camp is a place for making new friends, discovering adventures and having fun! Girl Scouts from all over the council gather at camp to experience their own backyard in a whole new way. Join us this summer and be the role model she’ll always remember.

Camper Information Packets

The link to the camper information packet is embedded in your camp registration receipt.

If you need to access the camper information packet online, you will need to know what camp location and camp session title your camper is attending.

You may retrieve your packet by visiting this link.

Camp Registration Tutorial

If you are new to our registration process for the two Girl Scouts - Diamonds Camps of Excellence, Camp Cahinnio and Camp Crossed Arrows, this tutorial will walk you through it and give you an idea of the information you'll need to provide in order for us to help your girl have the best camp experience possible.

Be sure to turn the sound up - we make use of free video tools, so our audio is not Hollywood quality! 

If after watching the video, you still need assistance, please call 800-632-6894 or email




Please contact us at 800-632-6894 or email with any questions!

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    Download a paper Camp Registration Form