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Awards & Recognitions

Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas appreciates our volunteers and feel they all deserve to be recognized for their contributions. This can be accomplished through appreciations and awards. The Volunteer Awards submission deadline each year is March 15.

Submit your completed nomination forms by email or mail to

Attn:  Recognitions
11311 Arcade Drive, Suite 102
Little Rock, AR 72212

Appreciation is an ongoing, daily process for all volunteers. Showing appreciation for one another is one way to show respect, to relate to each other’s strengths and to build mutual commitment for Girl Scouting. Check out 50 Awesome Appreciation Ideas

Awards are given for outstanding contributions that have made a significant impact on girls. You many nominate outstanding volunteers in your community. The Diamonds Council hosts an annual recognitions program to recognize council award recipients. It is held at the Girl Scouts Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference in July.

Who Should be Recognized?

  • Leaders/advisors, co-leaders/advisors, assistant leaders/advisors
  • Troop committee members
  • Supportive and involved parents
  • Group coordinators
  • Sponsors
  • Service team members
  • Special service adults
  • Civic leaders
  • Community organizations
  • Members of the council’s board of directors

Keep track of your volunteer history and achievements with this handy Adult Volunteer Service Record. Make sure to save a copy for yourself, and give a copy to your Service Unit Recognitions Coordinator or Service Unit Director. Updates should be made annually.

How to Submit a Council Award Nomination:

The Adult Recognition Review Committee reviews all nominees for Council awards.

  • Review the Adult Recognition Guide to determine the appropriate award for the individual.
  • Read the criteria and nomination form thoroughly. Be sure this recognition is the best award for the candidate. The volunteer department will answer any questions you have.
  • Address all criteria completely and provide detailed information. It is the sole responsibility of the person completing the nomination form to make sure all documentation is included with the application.
  • Provide a copy of the requirements for the award to the people completing questionnaires of endorsement in support of the nominee. The letters need to give examples of how the nominee fulfills the criteria.
  • The nominator is responsible for collecting and reviewing all information to ensure the nomination and questionnaires document how the nominee meets the award criteria. The packet includes the nomination form and all letters of endorsement. Make sure the packet is complete.
  • Copy the application and questionnaires before mailing them. Keep a copy for your records.
  • Nominator should submit the nomination form and required endorsement questionnaires to the volunteer department before the deadline.

Nomination forms

Each award requires a completed nomination form and two or more endorsement questionnaires. Each award has specific criteria. These questionnaires will ensure that the recognition committee has a comprehensive understanding of the volunteers’ achievements. 

Tenure Awards

The Diamonds Council will provide pins for 15 years and above. Pins for less than 15 years should be purchased by the Service Unit through the Council Shop. Place your orders early to ensure timely arrival.

Membership Numeral Guards 

The numerals show the total number of years of registered membership, both as a girl and an adult, in any Girl Scout/Girl Guide organization. Numeral Guards are available in increments of 5 years. The Diamonds Council will provide Numeral Guards for 15 years and above.

Volunteer Years of Service Award Pin

This pin shows the total number of years that a volunteer has served in Girl Scouts. They are available in increments of 5 years. The Diamonds Council will provide Volunteer Years of Service Pins for 15 years and above.

GSUSA Adult Recognitions
Diamonds Council Recognition Awards