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Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas has fantastic, inspiring, unique, hard-working, risk-taking, innovating girls, volunteers, staff and board members. Check here often to meet just a few of the great individuals and groups involved in Girl Scouts. Email us if you would like to nominate someone to be featured.


Girl Spotlight: Brooklyn Y.

girl - brooklyn-02

“Brooklyn is always engaged and willing to help other kids,” Grier Pegram, community programs manager for Girl Scouts - Diamonds says. Brooklyn is a 5th grader at Scott Charter School in Little Rock and has been part of Troop 6076 the Girl Scouts - Diamonds school-based STEM program since January. Ever since Brooklyn’s friend told her about the fun science projects Girl Scouts participate in, she wanted to join as well.  Since becoming a Girl Scout, Brooklyn has enjoyed hands-on projects, creating things, making friends, and most of all, selling cookies. Read the full story. 

Girl Spotlight: Rylee N.

girl - rylee-02

“My favorite part about being a Girl Scout is selling cookies,” Rylee claims. She is usually shy around people, but Rylee loves that selling cookies helps her come out of her shell and form relationships. Along with people skills, she has learned how to manage money and her time through her experience as a Girl Scout. As a thriving sophomore in high school, Rylee is involved in several activities, including: Girl Scouts, band, choir, managing her high school football team and volunteering in the Fort Smith community. Read the full story.

Girl Spotlight: Katlyn W.

girl - katlyn

Katlyn is the true definition of a go-getter. Between her involvement in Girl Scouts, school activities and volunteer work, she maintains a full schedule and enjoys every minute of it. Katlyn is an Ambassador in Troop 2402 in Texarkana and this is her 12th year in Girl Scouts. Her favorite part about being a Girl Scout is volunteering in her community and helping younger girls achieve their goals. Read the full story

Girl Spotlight: Maddie R. 

girl - maddie

“We wanted to do an activity this holiday season that involved the community because it is more meaningful,” troop leader Tiffany Rowe explains. This week, 11-year-old Maddie R. and her friends from Troop 6856 in Little Rock, will hand out Blessings Bags to those in need within the community. The gallon-size bags are filled with essential items such as granola bars, hand warmers, tooth brushes, winter hats, socks, etc., and each of the girls will get three or four of their own bags to personally hand out. Read the full story. 


Girl Spotlight: Team Whatchamacallits and Team Cookie Kickers

Whatchamacallits FINAL

Four Girl Scout troops in NWA express their passion for STEM through the FIRST program, a non-profit designed to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology. Team Whatchamacallits from Troops 5807, 5327 and 5605 are in their fourth year and team Cookie Kickers from Troop 5327 are in their third year of competing. Read the full story


Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Alexis

volunteer - amy-01

“When I enter the Burnham Woods property, I relax, my stress goes away, and it’s like a little getaway from real life,” says Amy Alexis. Along with being a troop leader, Amy is a wife, mother of three, and a 6th grade school teacher. Since her busy schedule leaves little time for herself, a few minutes at Burnham Woods before troop meetings is her way of unwinding. What started as a Super Troop, became Troop 4293 when Amy volunteered to be a troop leader. Her troop began with 10 girls a year ago, and over last summer, the girls recruited eight more of their friends to join the fun. Amy loves having such a diverse group of girls in her troop and seeing the girls interact and support one another despite their differences. Not only are the girls very involved in Girl Scouts, but their parents and grandparents are as well. Amy considers herself lucky to have 100 percent parent involvement, where moms and dads are registered Girl Scouts, attend troop meetings and provide a great support system.

When Amy’s troop first came together, some of the girls were shy and timid at meetings, but now they have blossomed into social butterflies and run in to greet their friends. The Girl Scout Cookie Program has also taught her troop different skills. “We are some cookie sellers,” Amy exclaims about her troop. “The cookie program is excellent. The girls, including my daughter, have learned outstanding people skills through selling cookies, along with a great work ethic.”

Amy can attest that her girls are learning real life skills, making new friends, and facing their fears through Girl Scouts. She believes they wouldn’t have had the same experiences elsewhere, especially the opportunities to give back to the community. Last year her troop decided to donate cookies to the Air National Guard in Fort Smith and this year they chose to donate 10 percent of their cookie proceeds to the Sebastian County Humane Society. Amy’s troop has sold over 8,000 boxes of cookies this year and they are excited to give back to an organization that does so much for the Fort Smith community.

Volunteer Spotlight: Tawana Butler

volunteer - tawana -01

Tawana Butler is a great example of an innovator. As a published author of three books, a mother of two and troop leader, she finds joy in being creative and finding unique ways to help others. Her books "He Never Gave Up" and "I Don't Learn Like You" are inspired by her son and give children who are dealing with adversity a positive way to embrace being different and provide resources for parents. Tawana is always finding ways to get her girls excited about Girl Scout events and her troop has doubled in size over the last year. Her daughter, Ta'Niyah, is an excellent recruiter for Girl Scouts and has already sold more than 1,000 boxes of cookies this year. Themes are a must for Troop 3263 and Tawana comes up with fun themes for everything, even troop meetings! Since several girls in her troop often have basketball games at the same time as troop meetings, Tawana loads the girls up and takes them to the basketball game so they can still be together and support one another. 

This year, Tawana's troop has partnered with several organizations so they can give back to the community. They donated toiletry items in partnership with Tawana's sorority, food items to the local church food pantry, hats and gloves to low-income schools, and supplies to flood victims of Baton Rouge.

"The most exciting part about being a troop leader is watching the girls grow together and express themselves," Tawana says. "They like to be together and learn together, and they are sad if they miss a meeting." For Tawana, it is important to teach the girls how to keep a positive image and mentality through everything they do and maintain a sisterly relationship even outside of Girl Scouts.

Volunteer Spotlight: David Haddock

volunteer - david

David is not your typical Girl Scout volunteer. As a husband and father, he not only encourages his daughter, Mariska, to be a Girl Scout, but is hands-on in her events and activities. He and his wife Lisa are in their third year as Product Sales Managers for the Juliette Low Service Unit in Cabot and enjoy working together as a team. Cookie season is the busiest time for the duo, and this year, David is doing more behind the scenes work with Digital Cookie and inventory management. He is currently doing as much as he can to help out because his job may cut his sweet cookie season short. For the last 29 years, David has proudly served in the Air National Guard and there is a possibility that he will get deployed in the near future. Although this isn’t ideal for his family, David is confident that Lisa will do a fantastic job taking on sole responsibility of cookie duties for the service unit.

 Along with his Girl Scout cookie experience, David tries to attend every dad and daughter event, especially if it involves camp. One of his favorite Girl Scouts – Diamonds camp events is Guys ‘n Gals at Camp Crossed Arrows where cowboys and cowgirls come together to ride horses and play games. Last year, he and another Girl Scout dad even volunteered to take nine girls each whose own dads couldn’t attend.

If you ask David what inspired him to be a Girl Scout volunteer, he would tell you, “Spending more time with my daughter before she is grown up.” The positive impact that Girl Scouts has made on the girls keeps David invested and he is excited to see how much they will grow through their experience over the years.

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandra Ware


Coordinating the activities of 322 girls seems like a difficult job, but Sandra Ware makes it look easy. As service unit director for the Fayetteville Service Unit, Sandra works extra hard to recruit great volunteers for her girls, start new troops, and always keeps the positivity alive. “Sandra is an amazing motivator, and without her leadership and her dedicated team beside her, they would not be where they are now,” says Lindsay Chandler, Girl Scouts – Diamonds Volunteer Specialist.

In addition to her role as service unit director, Sandra teaches Pre-K, is the president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Holcomb Elementary in Fayetteville, runs her own troops, and is the mother of three Girl Scouts. For the last ten years, she has led her oldest daughter’s troop and has since become a leader of her other daughter’s troops as well. “I love watching the girls learn and bond together, and unfold friendships throughout the years,” Sandra explains. “Seeing them grow and become independent and confident makes it all worth it.” To say that she stays busy is an understatement, but Sandra has a special place in her heart for Girl Scouts and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jodie Johnson

volunteer and girl spotlight

Jodie Johnson is a dedicated Girl Scout volunteer and troop leader from Pine Bluff who recently added “Service Unit Director” to her title. When her oldest daughter came home from school with a Girl Scouts flyer one day, she never dreamed she would be a service unit director five years later. When her daughter first became a Girl Scout, Jodie happily volunteered and attended troop meetings, helping in any way she could. She soon became the troop leader for Troop 1264 and just three short months ago, Jodie took on an additional role. She is now the service unit director for Sunshine Forest Service Unit, adding, “I’m a sucker and said sign me up.” The entire service unit is new, making her new position more challenging, but they are continuously growing and are up to 83 girls in the service unit.

Being a former Girl Scout herself, Jodie is thrilled and proud to see both of her daughters follow in her footsteps. You could say that Girl Scouts run in her family’s blood; even her husband can be found at Girl Scout meetings. Her favorite part of Girl Scouts is that it empowers girls, explaining, “It’s important that girls know they are capable of doing anything that they put their minds to.” Jodie has hit the ground running these past few months and it’s looking as though her success will only continue from here.

Board Members

Board Member Spotlight: Patricia Robertson

board - patricia-01

As a young Girl Scout, Patricia Robertson remembers selling Girl Scout Cookies for 50 cents a box with just four flavors to choose from. Her fondest memories from her Girl Scout days in Tennessee include camping, hiking and eating s’mores with her troop.  Although Girl Scouts was no longer an option for Patricia when she entered the 5th grade, she was thrilled to be part of the organization once again as a Girl Scouts – Diamonds board member in March of 2016.

Ever since Patricia read the book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, she has developed a strong passion for making a difference in young girls’ and womens’ lives. As the Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at Arkansas State University and Associate Professor of Business Law, Patricia maintains a full work load, but still makes time to pursue her passion. Along with dedicating her time to Girl Scouts, Patricia serves as a faculty advisor for the Arkansas State (A-State) Chapter of Business & Professional Women, and co-advisor for the A-State Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda, the college-level affiliate of Future Business Leaders of America.

2016 was a very successful year for Patricia. She was named Woman of the Year by the Jonesboro Business and Professional Women (BPW) organization, and helped establish a new Women’s Business Leadership Center in the A-State College of Business. Patricia says this center has given her “a focus and a passion,” and she is hoping to get Girl Scouts more involved and connected with A-State in the future. 

Board Member Spotlight: Mike Camp

board - mike

When Mike Camp isn’t busy working at Walmart as the Director of Global HR, winning leadership awards, mentoring others, or spending time with his family, you can find him attending a Girl Scouts – Diamonds board meeting. Why, you ask? As a father who has a special bond with his 10-year-old daughter, Madelyn, he wants to prove to her that you can do anything you want to do…even if that means being a Girl Scout dad.

Madelyn is a great example of a go-getter: she advanced a grade in school, is part of the gifted and talented program, has read an astounding 72 books since last August, and is determined to be the president one day. It is evident why Mike is so passionate about teaching his kids to embrace who they are, and signing up for Girl Scouts with his daughter was his way of showing her that standing out is something to be proud of. Although he has both a son and daughter, Mike expects the same from each child and teaches them that they are no different from each other.

This is Mike’s third year on the Girl Scouts – Diamonds board and his main goal is to keep girls engaged in Girl Scouts by focusing on STEM programs and providing more opportunities for them. “I not only want to take care of my girl, but make a bigger impact on a broader scale for more girls,” he comments. “Every day I tell Madelyn that she is beautiful and smart, and to embrace being the ‘only’ in the room.” Mike exemplifies a true G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ and hopes to one day be the “First Dad” in the White House.

Board Member Spotlight: Andréa Chewning

volunteer and girl spotlight

When she's not rescuing dogs and cats in her native Texarkana or participating in other civic volunteer activities, Andréa Chewning serves as chair of the Diamonds Council Board of Directors. Chewning has served in a variety of capacities with Girl Scout councils for years. But, her time working on the governance side is just a small portion of her Girl Scout experience. Chewning is a lifetime Girl Scout, participating from second grade through high school, and was a camp counselor at Camp High Point. Her daughter received her Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, and Chewning served a number of jobs with her daughter's troop. Chewning has been board chair for more than two years and is dedicated to the goal of helping girls become confident and productive women.

meet the staff 3-02

Kate Lonberger


“I want to be here in the future to see the success of this organization,” says Kate Lonberger, senior development officer. When Kate attended college at the University of Arkansas, she looked for a way to get involved in the community and became a camp counselor at Camp NOARK. While there, she met Katie Dailey, who was the camp director at the time. Little did she know, Katie would be her co-worker at Girl Scouts – Diamonds just a few years later. After Kate’s wonderful experience as a Girl Scout camp counselor, she decided to register as a Girl Scout volunteer and a position opened at the council right around the same time. Kate has worked for Girl Scouts – Diamonds since 2011 and can’t picture herself doing anything else. “There is no better feeling in the world than getting a grant or donation for our organization”, she says. Kate has two kids, Gwen and Iris, who are five and one years old, and thanks Diamonds CEO, Dawn Prasifka, for helping pick Iris’s middle name, Vail. In her free time, she and her husband enjoy volunteering for the Illinois River Watershed Partnership and Tri Cycle Farms. Something she can’t resist? Double Stuff Oreos.

Linda Archer-Hackworth

staff - linda-01

“I have the best job in the council,” Linda claims. When it comes to camp, Linda can’t get enough of it. She attended camp as a young Girl Scout, progressed to camp counselor at Camp Cahinnio in high school, and has been the Outdoor Program Manager and Camp Director of Girl Scouts – Diamonds camps since 2011. Even if she isn’t working at camp, then she is most likely still camping…except with her family. The best part? Linda and her husband got married at Camp Crossed Arrows last April! If that doesn’t show her deep love for the outdoors and camp, we don’t know what would. This proud owner of six pets encourages all girls to come join the fun at camp this summer, adding, “Since Girl Scout camp is an all-girl environment, girls can come out of their shells and be themselves while leaving behind judgements of the outside world.”

Sharon Lynch

staff - sharon

If you receive Girl Scout cookies this year, you can partially thank Sharon. She has a history of hard work ethic, seeing that she double majored in merchandising and consumer sciences, and family and child studies at Louisiana Tech University. Sharon proudly refers to herself as a nerd and enjoys spending her free time reading presidential biographies. Since beginning work as Director of Product Programs in 2016, she has gone above and beyond to make product sale volunteer involvement easier. Her favorite part about her job is interacting with volunteers when they come to the office and listening to their feedback. She is currently gearing up for over 11,000 cases of cookies coming to regional offices this cookie season and hopes for the best cookie season yet. Oh-and if you’re thinking about throwing Razorbacks stuff in her face, you can expect to find an LSU sticker on your car from this New Orleans native.

Emily Eudy

meet the staff!

Emily Eudy has a long history of helping others and making the world a better place. Yes, Girl Scouts has always played a huge role in her life, but as a young high school graduate, she did something that was outside of the norm. Instead of attending college, Emily took a completely different route and enlisted in the Coast Guard at just 17 years old. “I was in basic training when I turned 18 and it was extremely challenging,” Emily explains. Despite a rough start, she had some incredible experiences serving on active duty, and her proudest moment was being honored with a Lifesaving award in New York after her crew saved three lives. After four years of active duty, Emily took a step back from the Coast Guard to attend college at Michigan State, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology and a master’s in Criminal Justice.

Emily currently resides in Texarkana with her husband and one-year-old daughter, and she has been a Program Project Coordinator for Girl Scouts – Diamonds for three years. Her favorite part about her job is working with girls and keeping them engaged in Girl Scouts. To this day, Emily remains close friends with her Michigan Girl Scout troop and hopes to see current Girl Scouts develop similar life-long friendships.

Heather Bounds

staff - heather

As a former Girl Scout and young cookie boss, Heather never imagined she would one day be a grown-up cookie boss. As Product Program Coordinator for Girl Scouts – Diamonds in the Jonesboro office, she works hard to make fall product and cookie sales a success and enjoys seeing girls’ excitement when they figure out how to spend their fall product and cookie earnings. Most of her free time is spent running her seven-year old daughter around to Girl Scout activities and soccer practice or enjoying the outdoors. Heather is also a HUGE Disney fan and has been known to convince her daughter to go see Disney movie premieres.



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