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By instilling self-confidence, positive values and healthy relationships, Girl Scouts provides girls with opportunities to develop positive mental health and emotional well-being. 

Girl Scouts is open to all girls in grades K-12.

Girl Scouts: Now More Than Ever

Including her emotional, psychological and social well-being, mental health affects how she thinks, feels and acts. With the hardships of being away from school, friends and other social interactions, mental health has become a growing concern, particularly for adolescent girls. 

Whether your girl is a dreamer, comedian, explorer or something uniquely her own, she’s welcome at Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts prepares your girl with a confidence-boosting, girl-approved and exciting experience. We're not only here to lift her up but also to guide her in growing the confidence to rise above.

From community problem solving and challenge seeking to positive values and healthy relationships, Girl Scouts provides experiences that help girls become responsible, productive, caring and engaged citizens. And the great news is that girls can do this however fits into their life - via a traditional troop, as an individual or virtual!

  • 25 Conversation Starters to Better Connect with Your Girl.

    Do you wish you could hear more from your daughter than a simple yes or no response? Are you looking for ways to foster family conversations and togetherness? Our free guide can help!  Download our free conversation starters loaded with 25 ways to show interest in your daughter’s life and passions and generate more responses and engagement.


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