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Camp Cahinnio

Because the safety of our girls and staff comes first, and there are so many unknowns as we all try to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel all 2020 summer camp sessions.  

Email message to registered campers.

Camp Cahinnio is nestled on nearly 400 acres of woodlands near Booneville in west central Arkansas and includes 23-acre Lake Takima, swimming pool, archery range, arts and crafts pavilion, hiking trails, air-conditioned dining hall and four separate living units for campers. For those who love to boat and swim, Camp Cahinnio is known for its watersports. Lake Takima is a great place for campers to practice canoe skills and try their hand at sailing. Camp Cahinnio hosts river trip opportunities for girls entering 7th grade and above who have basic canoeing knowledge. Camp Cahinnio also offers traditional camp activities such as hiking, arts and crafts, cooking outdoors, singing and more!

Camp Cahinnio is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)! Maintaining an ACA accreditation requires regular reviews of our entire operation to ensure compliance with up to 300 voluntary health and safety standards in areas ranging from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. Camp Cahinnio’s most recent standards review was conducted summer 2016.

Summer 2020 Camp Information

Camper Information Packets, Packing List, and Forms

A link to the camper information packet will be embedded in your camp registration receipt.

Camper information packets are updated each year when registration opens.

Camp Family Day & Open House

We can't wait to invite you back to our properties! 

Camp Care Packages

You PLAID Me at Hello!
Plaid makes everything better, including camp care packages! Camp Care Packages are one more way to support your Girl Scout’s next camp adventure-even if that adventure has to be put on hold for a while. Order your camp care package today and we can ship it directly to your home. 

The 2020 camp care package is $47 and includes the following:

  • Flap top backpack
  • PLAID toiletry bag
  • LED lantern
  • Eco journal w/pen
  • …and a few more goodies!

Ordering Instructions
Choose Direct Shipment

Pre-Orders are due by Friday, April 24. Order your care package today!

For Girls Entering 1st-3rd Grade

Fairy Frolic | June 26-28 | $140 | Registration
Search for fairies and frolic in the pool! Sing, dance and make a fairy skirt! What else can you do in a half week of fun? Hike, paddle in the lake, find breakfast in the “jungle” and make new friends!

For Girls Entering 2nd-3rd Grade

Mermaid Mania | June 7-12 | $275 | Registration
Plan a Mermaid Pool Party and practice your underwater dance skills. Explore the lake in Fun-oo boats. There’s fun to be had on land as well: singing, cooking out, hiking and creating!

Slime Time | June 14-19 | $275 | Registration
Get messy making a new slime recipe each day, including glow slime and edible slime. Have fun with all of camp’s adventures when you cook out, swim, practice target sports, hike and more.

Brownie Camp Sampler | June 21-26 | $275 | Registration
Try it all with your Brownie friends! Swim, Fun-oo, make cool crafts, cook out, sing and more! First-time and return campers will find fun this week!

For Girls Entering 4th-5th Grade

Triple Crown | June 21-26 | $275 | Registration
Calling all Go-Getters! Choose from our curated selection of badges and earn three at camp! Need more fun? Swim, cook out, hike, craft and sing too!

Cabin in the Woods | June 26-28 | $140 | Registration
Make your cabin a home for three days! Swim, play in the lake, make cool crafts, cook out, practice target sports, hike and more with your new friends. A half week is a whole lot of fun!

Cabin Camp Out | June 28-| July 3 | $275 | Registration
Have fun all day and sleep in climate-controlled cabins at night! Swim, cook out, practice archery, swim and more!



For Girls Entering 4th-6th Grade

Lake Takima Explorers | June 21-26 | $275 | Registration
Which boat is best: canoe, kayak or standup paddle board? Sail with us and find out! Plan a floating breakfast, create a challenge course and join in all camp has to offer! Previous boating experience not required, but ability to swim in deep water is.

Tipi Extreme | June 7-19 | $475 | Registration
Enthusiastic beginners and returners welcome! First, master outdoor survival challenges. Then, after a weekend of boating, archery and creating a low ropes course, learn to cook outdoors and thrive on the trail!

All About That Taste | June 28-| July 3 | $275 | Registration
Explore foods from around the world. Cook over a fire and experiment with solar cooking. Create a new recipe and serve it up in your very own food truck during our Cahinnio Faire!

Water Wacky | June 26-28 | $140 | Registration
If you think water is fun and the “wetter the better” then this is the week for you! Spend time at the pool, paddle around Lake Takima, and have a Water Wacky party with the whole camp! You’ll have time to participate in fun all around camp while you explore your forest home for the week. This session is made for girls who are just getting comfortable in water and are ready to try new things.

Boat Around | June 28-| July 3 |$275 | Registration
Take your boat around Lake Takima! Which boat? ALL the boats! Learn how to paddle in kayaks and canoes, explore the fun of stand-up paddle boarding, and enjoy a trip in the sailboat! There’s plenty of time for fun on land as well. Cook out, make tie-dye, hike, and star gaze. This session is designed for girls who are comfortable in the water. All lake activities require personal floatation devices and trained lifeguards.

For Girls Entering 6th-8th Grade

Mural Makers | June 7-12 | $300 | Registration
Tour the thriving mural scene in downtown Fort Smith and bring your inspiration back to camp. Create a large-scale mural with your friends and a small-scale artwork to take home.

Outpost Extreme | June 7-19 | $475 | Registration
Build your own back country escape! Learn to hammock, lash furnishings, water purification and navigation skills. Take on a day trip to the destination you choose together. Try new cooking methods and hang out at camp and in the lake.

Cadette Camp Sampler | June 14-19 | $275 | Registration
Do it all by day and sleep in our climate-controlled cabins at night. Swimming, kayaking, hiking, archery, knife throwing, art, cookouts and more!

Eco Trekker | June 21-26 | $325 | Registration
Learn to minimize your impact on the environment while planning an outdoor trek. Practice Leave No Trace skills and hit the trail on a day trip! Sleep in a hammock or pitch a tent and earn your Eco Trekker Badge. Traditional camp activities included!

Water Park Expedition | June 28-| July 3 | $375 | Registration
Hit the road and spend two days at local water parks. Spend your nights at camp stargazing, night canoeing and sleeping in climate-controlled cabins. Hiking, target sports, lake time, crafts and more are all part of the fun.











For Girls Entering 7th-12th Grade

River Runners | June 7-19 | $475 | Registration
Practice canoeing skills at camp in preparation for a three-day, two-night canoeing trip along an Arkansas scenic river. Prerequisites: Canoe level 1 or equivalent and the ability to swim unassisted in deep water. Swimming requirements strictly enforced. Contact us for equivalent experience level.

Kayak Crew | June 21-26 | $325 | Registration
Participate in our kayak rodeo and learn how to safely assist your fellow team mates on Lake Takima. Plan a day trip to a local waterway or lake and explore new waters. Paddling skills will be taught, and the trip will be catered to the ability of the campers. Ability to swim in deep water is required.

Camp Aide | June 26-28 | $80 | Registration
Practice your leadership skills! Select an area at camp you would like to learn more about and assist a group of campers by leading specific activities. You will also enjoy swimming and general camp activities. Cadettes will work on the Program Aide pin.

Sail Away | June 28-| July 3 | $275 | Registration
Catch a breeze on Lake Takima while you learn the ropes and master the winds! We’ve got plenty of other ways to play on the water too, including stand up paddle board and kayak time. Boating experience is not necessary, but ability to swim in deep water is required.

Arkansas Bucket List | June 28-| July 3 | $375 | Registration
Take the ultimate road trip! Hike to a waterfall, stay overnight in a state park, dig for crystals and try stand up paddle boarding along with cookouts and campfires.

Ouachita Island Expedition | June 26-28 | $150 | Registration
Travel to Lake Ouachita State Park and learn about the new Mariner troops and programs! Start the adventure by camping one night at Lake Ouachita State Park and practicing your paddling skills. On the second day, we will set out for an overnight on one of the many islands on Lake Ouachita. Requirements: comfortable in the water and in small boats/canoes/ kayaks. No kayaking experience necessary. Good stamina is needed for this paddling adventure.

CIT 1 | June 21-| July 3 | $325 | Registration
For girls entering 11th-12th grades
Girls will establish leadership and outdoor skills and learn the ropes of camp and working with children. CIT1s will work as a team to discover individual abilities as leaders, analyze campers and their needs and experience camp life. CIT1s will have opportunities to lead activities, shadow counselors and to visit another camp.

CIT 2 | June 7-26 | $425 | Registration
For girls entering 12th grade
CIT2 is a culmination of leadership development and outdoor skills. Girls will apply these skills to the world of resident camp. CIT2s will first review previous training, learn about new topics and study program areas in-depth. CIT2s will visit another summer camp in the area. Prerequisite: Completion of CIT1

Upon completion of CIT2 at Camp Cahinnio, successful campers will be invited to volunteer at camp for the remainder of the summer. This opportunity is limited to a small number of CIT2 candidates and is not required to be considered for future employment opportunities.







Camp Registration Tutorial

If you are new to our registration process for camp, this tutorial will walk you through it and give you an idea of the information you'll need to provide in order for us to help your girl have the best camp experience possible.

Be sure to turn the sound up - we make use of free video tools, so our audio is not Hollywood quality! 

If after watching the video, you still need assistance, please call 800-632-6894 or email




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