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Venture Out II - Camp Crossed Arrows

Sat Sep 22, 9:00 AM - Sun Sep 23, 11:00 AM
Camp Crossed Arrows Map
Camp Crossed Arrows
Adult Fee:

This class is required before any troop travel camping trips or trips involving fire building.

Volunteers will be able to teach their troop skills and leadership techniques on basic knife safety and fundamentals of fire building, tents and outdoor safety. Adults will learn the fundamentals of environmental awareness, how to prepare for the weather, identifying proper clothing and gear for outdoor camping, and how to pack for an outdoor overnight. Meal planning, food storage, basic techniques for outdoor cooking will be taught including foil dinners, one-pot meals, campfire cooking and using propane stoves.  Each participant will also receive a copy of “Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting” during the training.

Each participant will also receive a copy of Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting during the training.

Prerequisite: Venture Out 1 Online

Registration deadline: September 12