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Escape Room: A Trip to Mars - July 15

Thu Jul 15, 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Rumor has it that there has been some foul play on the planet Mars! After a secret mission went awry, an astronaut has gone missing. The final transmission was concerning and we were hired to investigate. Can we solve the mystery and find a way home?

If your girl loves mystery themed novels and detective shows, then she will love this program! This experience will give her the chance to test her critical thinking skills in hypothetical situations based in fantasy and reality. Girls will learn how to excel in puzzles and riddles that involve colors, wordplay, shapes, and math. Throughout the activity, girls will be encouraged to share and debate hypotheses with their peers to ultimately work together to solve the mystery before the workshop ends.

Location: Online via Zoom