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Flat Juliette Challenge

Mon Jun 21, 8:00 AM - Wed Sep 01, 8:00 AM
Daisy, Brownie, Cadette, Junior, Senior, Ambassador
All Regions
Girl Fee:

Kick off Summer with Flat Juliette Gordon Low! Choose the adventure path you want your Flat Juliette to take, learn about your global sisterhood and make some friends along the way! Use the DAISY Card to plan what you want to do with your Flat Juliette and send her on her way! Whether your Flat Juliette will explore locally or globally, you’ll be sure to show her a great time. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of her adventures, we will feature them at the end of summer! Price includes a fun patch which will be mailed or ready for pick-up at the end of summer, when the program concludes. You will be notified via email. Check out the full program instructions here and print out the Flat Juliette Passport here.

Questions? Call 800-632-6894 or email