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Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas has fantastic, inspiring, unique, hard-working, risk-taking, innovating girls, volunteers, staff and board members. Check here often to meet just a few of the great individuals and groups involved in Girl Scouts. Email us if you would like to nominate someone to be featured.


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Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Long
April 2022 

Christene Long has been involved with Girl Scouts for over 50 years as a girl and an adult and is troop leader of Troop 6117. Over the years, not only has she helped lead and grow her troop but has driven across the state to provide trainings for girls and adults. Christene hosts events and provides CPR and first aid training to Americorps members and Girl Scouts. She has also taken on multiple roles within her service unit to help with product, recognition and recruitment. Christene has made it her responsibility to help girls make the most of their Girl Scout experience by leading by example and informing them of every opportunity Girl Scouts has to offer. She has touched many lives with the lengths she goes for girls. Christene has managed to bring girls of every background to Girl Scouts throughout her years. Christene, thank you for all you do for Girl Scouts. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Pam Harding  
April 2022 

Pam Harding has been volunteering with Girl Scouts for 12 years, she is the leader for Troop 4097 and treasurer the Live Oak Service Unit. A retired teacher, Pam is known for being great to work with and her ability to lead from teaching into Girl Scouts. She serves as the glue to her service unit, instrumental in keeping troops running to the best of their ability. She is thorough in how she plans campouts and gives her girls opportunities for overnight experiences. Pam currently oversees 31 girls and 10 volunteers that she cares for dearly. She is also working with Girl Scouts to create new STEAM events for all girls to enjoy. Pam embraces the concept of empowering girls to try new things, whether they succeed or fail, and to push them beyond their comfort zone to develop new skills. Pam, thank you for all you do for Girl Scouts. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Billie Dadgar  
April 2022 

Billie has been a Girl Scout volunteer for over 15 years and is the director of the Evergreen Service Unit and manages several other roles. Billie often volunteers to help others in the Southwest region with the creation of new Girl Scout troops. She is a catalyst in keeping other volunteers engaged while helping plan activities. Billie is very methodical in how she organizes and works with other troop leaders to create the ultimate Girl Scout experience. Volunteers like Billie let their generosity, courage and heart shine through in everything they do—and her Girl Scouts take notice. So do we. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you bring to Girl Scouting. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Chelsea Caspermeyer 
April 2022 

Chelsea Caspermeyer serves as a leader for Troop 5049 and is known for being incredibly energetic and proactive in getting her girls the greatest experiences. Her role in Girl Scouts came as a solution to a need in the community. This is her first year working with young girls and she is doing an excellent job learning along the way. She currently oversees nine girls and seven adults, working to get parents just as involved as the girls. Chelsea had to get creative with her new troop at the peak of the pandemic and created drive-through meetings to keep everyone active and safe. Innovation is one of the key components of Girl Scouts and Chelsea makes sure to set the bar high for all those who look up to her. Chelsea, thank you for all you do for Girl Scouts.  

Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn Jo Bates 
April 2022 

Marilyn Jo Bates is the leader for Troops 1131 and 1132. When Marilyn saw a need for a leader with another troop, she stepped in so the girls could participate in cookie season and other Girl Scouting adventures. Not only is she overseeing two Girl Scout troops but is also working on ensuring success for the coming years by working to help establish more troops in the Southeast region. She has created a sense of belonging and independence among her troops by allowing girls to set their own goals for cookie season. Volunteers serve as the backbone of the Girl Scout experience and Marilyn is a prime example of this. Marilyn, thank you for all you do for Girl Scouts.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jamie Nelson Woods 
April 2022 

Through girl-led programming and with the help and guidance of trained adult volunteers, Girl Scouts encourages girls to take healthy risks and make their own decisions, which is what this volunteer instills in the girls she leads. Jamie Nelson Woods is always aiming to give girls the best experience possible. She serves as the director for Clay County Service Unit and is a leader for Troop 3011. Jamie has the biggest heart for Girl Scouts and often extends her reach to other girls in need. A troop 40 miles away from Jamie needed a leader and she took over that troop without hesitation. She is also known for organizing back-to-school donation drives for school supplies and clothes for children in need. Girl Scouts is all about girl leadership and Jamie has exceeded our expectations. Jaime, thank you for all you do for Girl Scouts. 

Friends/Donors/Juliette's Circle

Julia Kubiak
April 2022

While the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, our hearts are with those affected across the world.

In February, we celebrated the 96th annual World Thinking Day – a tradition held by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across 150 countries, including Ukraine, which is home to over 1,000 Girl Guides. World Thinking Day honors the importance of global friendship and we strive to live its meaning every day.

We’ve recently learned about a Girl Scouts – Diamonds alum from Poland who is volunteering with Ukrainian refugees. Girl Scout alumna, Julia Kubiak joined Girl Scouts - Diamonds as an exchange student from Poland in 2017 with Troop 6735 from Texarkana, Arkansas. Her host parent, Edward Williams, filled us in on her recent activities.

Julia leads a troop in Krakow, Poland, where she is currently volunteering to help Ukrainian refugees. Julia and other Girl Guide volunteers she has encountered wear the Girl Guide emblem on their gear and it is recognized by evacuees they are encountering, some of whom have approached her to let her know they are part of the organization.

Volunteers like Julia are providing supplies like bedding, hygiene products and food to travelers crossing the borders into neighboring countries. Our thoughts are with our sisters like Julia who are striving to make the world a better place in the most difficult circumstances.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts aiding those urgently in need, learn more here.

For caregivers looking for guidance on how to support children through this moment, GSUSA recommends the National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s “Talking to Children About War” resource

Jennifer Wilson Harvey
July 2021

"I would like every girl to have the opportunity to work cooperatively in a group, learn leadership skills and build confidence in herself." 

Jennifer Wilson-Harvey is the Managing Partner and owner of The Wilson Law Group, which owns three separate law firms – Wilson & Associates, a three-state law firm which represents mortgage banking clients in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi; The Wilson Estate Planning Group, an Estate Planning and Elder Law firm and Attorney’s Title Group, a real estate title and closing company. Jennifer belongs to numerous industry and professional associations, as well as other community organizations, including Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, YPO Gold (formerly World Presidents’ Organization or WPO), the Arkansas Chapter of International Women’s Forum, the Aesthetic Club and the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. Jennifer loves spending time with her family, including her husband, two children and their spouses and her three grandchildren!

"It is vitally important to expose girls to opportunity and diversity. Girls need to grow up knowing they can be anything, do anything and create their own life path. Instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment go a long way in creating a girl who loves who she is and is excited about her future and her abilities. In my hometown (El Dorado), I grew up as a Camp Fire Girl as there was no Girl Scout group at that time, but it is a similar program with similar goals in mind. It was my first “girl-focused” organization, with leadership & confidence-building activities that I enjoyed until I graduated from high school. It made a lasting impression."

Marie Holder
August 2021

Juliette's Circle member, Marie Holder was an adult volunteer for 6 years as officer in Chipato Valley Service Unit. Marie is currently serving as a commissioner for the Arkansas Highway Commission. She was also proud to serve Arkansas as a member of the Arkansas State Medical Board. She is an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Greater Little Rock Alumni Chapter of Delta Gamma. She is an ordained elder of Second Presbyterian Church where she has also served as Deacon, moderator and member of various committees over the past eighteen years. Marie is a past executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, director of AsaPAC, and finance director of Governor Hutchinson’s 2018 re-election campaign. She also worked as deputy press secretary to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.

"I invest in Girls Scouts to pay forward the wonderful experiences provided by my Girl Scout leaders when I was a girl and the leaders who have supported our two daughters. Girl Scouts taught me to care about my community and challenged me to find ways to improve our troop, our homes, our school, and our church. This community awareness has continued through my life and pushed me to volunteer for many organizations."

Heather Nelson
September 2021

"The Brownies and Girls Scouts were both a big part of my childhood, and I have a lot of great memories from those experiences. I know that it is important to invest in organizations that are dedicated to empowering and educating young girls. I really remember loving the challenges and earning badges. Lessons of competition and teamwork will always stay with you."

Heather Nelson is co-founder and president of Seal Solar and a former corporate lender for some of the nation’s largest banks. Under her leadership, the local solar design and installation firm has completed more than 450, or approximately one in five, renewable energy projects in the state. Thanks to an innovative partnership with Evolve Auto, it is now one of the only businesses in the U.S. that is able to provide fully solar-powered ecosystems, including panels, batteries, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and EVs, in one transaction. Heather is the incoming board chair for the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA) and currently serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. She is on the AAEA Distributed Generation Task Force, Arkansas History Commission, Junior Achievement of Arkansas Board of Directors, and UA Little Rock Foundation Fund Board. She regularly travels to Haiti with the Global Orphan Project of Kansas City, Missouri. She previously served two terms on the National Board of Directors for the Arkansas Alumni Association and as president of the Sam M. Walton College of Business Alumni Society.
In 2021, she received the Business Executive of the Year Award at the Arkansas Business of the Year Awards sponsored by Arkansas Business. In 2019, she received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from her alma mater, the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business. An Arkansas native, she also holds an MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Today's Cookie CEOs

Dequeshia Prude-Wheeler
April 2022

Meet Dequeshia Prude-Wheeler. Girl Scouts introduced Dequeshia to girls from all different backgrounds, learning how to connect with others as an inverted person. She was able to step out of her comfort zone.

“My favorite memory of being a Girl Scout was getting to earn new badges! I am very competitive, so I wanted to get as many badges as I could and collect more than any other Girl Scouts in my troop.”

Girl Scouts instilled confidence in Dequeshia as a young girl to have the courage to speak with authority, lead, and take initiative. She serves as a strong example to young girls of the role Girl Scouts and its many programs can have in their future successes. 

Michelle Van Schenck
April 2022

Meet Michelle Van Schenck. Girl Scouts taught Michelle to have confidence and gave her the experience of achieving goals. She was taught perseverance and resourcefulness to seek out the best opportunities and be fearless. As a woman leader, she focuses on resilience and kindness, seeking mentorships to teach and support young women joining the workforce. Girl Scouts places girls in positions to become self-sufficient, take initiative, set goals and work with a team. It gives them the freedom to grow their strengths, try new things and find their passions and causes. She learned goal setting, time and money management, project management, learning to deal with difficult situations. She also learned how to work with diverse people as well as respect and appreciate different cultures through her Girl Scouting experience.

“Girl Scouting can tick all the boxes you are looking for in business leadership and management.”

Through traveling, studying, camping, and activities, Michelle learned what it meant to have fun, learning life lessons and meeting people who became life-long friends. She serves as a strong example to young girls of the role Girl Scouts and its many programs can have in their future successes. 

Cathy Owen
April 2022

Meet Cathy Owen. Girl Scouting taught Cathy when to listen, when to act and when to encourage and help others.

“There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes from exercising a combination of resources. More importantly, this sense of fulfillment empowered us and gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves to achieve future successes.”

Cathy started Girl Scouts as a Brownie and continued into high school. She encouraged her daughter to be involved, who went on to earn her Gold Award while Cathy acted as a troop cookie mom for nine years. The Girl Scout cookie program instilled a mind of business into Cathy and fostered sales, marketing and organizational skills. She learned to achieve her goals through relationship building, creativity and decision making to gain respect exhibiting dependability and integrity. Through the years, Cathy made Bunsen burners out of coffee cans, and Christmas decorations out of magazines, learned knitting and went camping, but her leaders and fellow Girl Scouts made the biggest impact. She serves as a strong example to young girls of the role Girl Scouts and its many programs can have in their future successes. 

Ebonye Green
April 2022

Meet Ebonye Green. Girl Scouts taught Ebonye she could accomplish anything if she worked hard and set her mind to it. Every activity she participated in, every badge she earned, reminded her she was intelligent and capable of bettering her community and bettering herself. Ebonye learned how to be contributing citizen and the importance of respect for herself, but also for peers and authority.

“Girl Scouts teaches you that it costs nothing to be a genuine, caring person and that in the long run, you would love yourself more for doing so. The morals and values that are instilled upon you early on are irreplaceable.”

From Girl Scouts, she created some of her closest, life-long friendships. Her favorite memories are of traveling to Washington D.C. and Denmark with her troop through Girl Scout Destinations. She serves as a strong example to young girls of the role Girl Scouts and its many programs can have in their future successes. 

Anna Dickinson
April 2022

Meet Anna Dickinson. Through the Girl Scout motto, “Be prepared.” explained in the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook: “A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency”, Anna learned to be prepared.

“Try new things; be yourself; be prepared; change the world. These are the things that Girl Scouts taught me. All of these things go into play in my adult life and my career. There is never an obstacle too big to take on, especially trying new things.”

Anna’s favorite memory of Girl Scouts was getting together with friends and making arts and crafts. She serves as a strong example to young girls of the role Girl Scouts and its many programs can have in their future successes. 



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