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Art Garden with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

Sat Jul 16, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM CST
Creative Arts
Volunteers, Brownies

As part of the AMFA’s inaugural events, Art Garden invites our young artists to be an important component of our transformation and the Museum. Utilizing MacArthur Park’s Foster Pond as our canvas, Art Garden will be an artwork created by young Arkansans that transforms the water into a dynamic composition of color, shape, and movement.

The floating Art Garden will consist of thousands of origami lotuses made from a light-sensitive paper, called cyanotype. Cyanotype paper is a fun way make a unique photogram. The paper can then be folded into origami lotus forms, and by coating the bottom in paraffin wax, the origami will float to make the ever-evolving installation of the Art Garden. The kinetic and collective installation will reintroduce AMFA and the park itself as a living gallery that reflects the Museum’s strengths and design. Get ready to an artist in the Art Garden!