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2023 LEAF Retreat at Camp NOARK - Northwest Region

Fri Apr 21, 6:30 PM - Sun Apr 23, 10:00 AM CST
Adult Training

Lights, Cameras, Action! You are the star at this year’s LEAF Retreat at Camp NOARK! All registered volunteers are invited to make their star entrance and RSVP for this exclusive event! Attend a VIP mixer Friday evening and get ready for the workshop premieres on April 22nd! After an action-packed day of sessions, walk the red carpet to a mystery reception where you just might play the leading role.

Friday s’mores, Saturday meals, Sunday breakfast, a t-shirt, and your choice of activities are included in your $50 fee. 

Special this year! Volunteers can receive their Youth Mental Health First Aid certification or their CPR/First-Aid Certification at no extra cost! These sessions will require that the participant complete coursework at home prior to attending the workshops.

Deadline to register for LEAF Retreat 2023 is Monday, April 3rd. If you have any questions, please contact Miel Partain at

Workshop Descriptions:

Movie Set Medic (CPR/First Aid/AED Certification)

Arkansas Health and Safety will be on site to facilitate Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certification at no additional cost to you.
*This will be a hybrid course that will require online coursework to be completed prior to attending LEAF Retreat.

Celebrity Life Coach (Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification)

Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges among adolescents ages 12-18. You’ll build skills and confidence you need to reach out and provide initial support to young people who are struggling. You’ll also learn how to help connect them to appropriate support.Certification brought to us by Health Education Specialist, Quinyatta Mumford.

*Please note, this workshop will require two hours of coursework to be completed prior to LEAF Retreat. In addition, both morning workshop blocks are required to complete this certification.

Stunt Performer (Hatchet Throwing)

Join our Outdoor Program Manager, Teri Dyer, as she show you how hatchet throwing is done. Find your inner stunt double and let the hatchets fly. Are you up for the challenge? 

Location Scout (Backpacking Basics) 

Have you wanted to learn more about how to safely take your troop hiking or backpacking? Then don’t miss this workshop presented by our Program Director, Sarah Livengood. You will learn the basics of backpacking and hear some great budget saving tips for your trip as well.

Craft Services (Outdoor Cooking) 

The talent must be fed! Come join us and see what the chefs have cooking. Gather around the fire and learn some new ways to cook up delicious treats outdoors.

Film Set Etiquette (Flag and outdoor ceremonies)

Do you want to learn more about Girl Scout traditions? This is just the enrichment you need.  Meet Madeline Marquette at the flagpole and gain the knowledge you need to take Girl Scout outdoor ceremonies and traditions back to your troop!

Dolly Shot (Archery) 

Take aim with our outdoor program staff as they show you how to use your bow and arrow in this archery workshop. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Stars of the Stable (Horse Workshop) 

Meet the headliners and full-time residents of Camp NOARK, the horses! Showcasing the Barn’s year-round program and a chance for you to get up close and personal with the stars themselves. Learn about barn maintenance, how to groom the horses, and our equine programming. You will even have a chance to be their “on-set” trainer and lead them through an obstacle course!

Director’s Cut (Conflict Resolution) 

Conflict is a natural and normal feature of living life! Although differences will occur, the outcome doesn’t have to be negative. During this workshop Dr. Jackie Scarborough will offer insight into addressing issues that will manage conflict in a way that will challenge you to search for alternatives that are efficient, effective, and productive.

Production Team (Teambuilding Games Workshop) 

Play with a purpose! Group Initiative games are fun, cooperative, challenging games in which the group is presented with a specific problem to solve. They emphasize participation, challenge, and fun rather than defeating someone. They also get people to work together as a team so that everyone in the group has input and shares ideas. Session participants will have fun playing while they learn to facilitate this type of activity.  You’ll even take home some activities to do with your own group later!

Props Master (Vinyl Craft)

Would you like to learn more about using a Cricut to create custom crafts? Ashley Daniel will share her Cricut Design Studio expertise and guide you through using heat press vinyl to create something fun for your kitchen!

Set Construction (Woodworking 101)

Learn the basics of woodworking with Ozark Natural Designs. Kevin will talk through the steps of creating one of his handmade laser-engraved cutting boards, and you’ll follow the finishing steps to create one of your own!

Cowboy Shot (BB Guns)

Join our camp staff to learn how to handle a BB gun safely and properly. Are you a Top Shot? Come find out!

Wardrobe Stylist (Paper Bead Craft)

A fun way to accessorize! Join April as she shares this fun, easy, and recycled craft that you can recreate with your troop!

Red Carpet Bling (3D Bezel Pendant Craft)

When you walk the red carpet with your very own bezel pendant jewelry, you’re sure to wow! Join April in the Craft House to make your one-of-a-kind masterpieces.