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Girl Scout Mariners and Trailblazers

Ready to take your outdoor adventure to the next level? Two historic Girl Scout programs—Mariners and Trailblazers—are back with new 21st century guidelines. These troop pathways provide challenging and transformative outdoor possibilities to girls in grades 8-12 and their volunteers looking to grow their skills on water, on the trails and in the backcountry. 

Mariner and Trailblazer Troop FAQ

What is the Girl Scout Mariner Program?

Girl Scout Mariners participate in water-based high adventure activities. Mariners can develop skills in swimming, safety, rescue, kayaking, sailing, navigation and more. They take action in oceans, lakes and rivers, explore careers related to water, and learn to protect the aquatic environment. 

Review the new guidelines for Mariners.

What is the Girl Scout Trailblazer Program?

Girl Scout Trailblazers take part in high adventure outdoor activities in a broad range of modalities, geographies and climates. Trailblazers develop a variety of skills in hiking, camping, orienteering, conservation, preparedness, survivorship and high-adventure sports. 

Review the new guidelines for Trailblazers.

  1. Reach out to our camp director Betony “Freedom” Maringer to let us know you’re interested! Our outdoor program staff can provide guidance in getting any needed certifications and planning your troop year.  
  2. Read through the program guidelines and share them with your troop. These guidelines are open ended and inclusive. They are a starting point rather than strict instructions. Let girls take the lead and decide how they would like to shape their year! 
  3. Gather a group of interested girls and adults and start your adventure! Whole troops may decide to become Mariner or Trailblazer troops, or like-minded girls and volunteers in a geographic area might join together to participate in this troop in addition to their “home troop.” Join us as we explore the possibilities with these new programs! 

For more information including program guidelines, visit or contact Betony “Freedom” Maringer at