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Find cookies!

Find Cookies

Mark your calendar! Girl Scouts - Diamonds Cookie Program kicks off on January 8, 2021 with booth sales beginning February 12! 

Safety remains a top priority for Girl Scouts – Diamonds. This season, Girl Scouts will again embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by selling cookies through online platforms and innovative “virtual cookie booths” on social media (with parental supervision). Contactless delivery and pickup alternatives will be available. 


How Can I Get Cookies?

1. Order directly from a Girl Scout.
2. Have a Girl Scout send you her Digital Cookie® link to order online and have the cookies shipped to you!
3. Visit a local booth sale (beginning February 12). Find one using the Cookie Finder! Girls and volunteers at booth sales will take COVID-19 precautions in accordance with CDC guidelines.
4. Email for help finding a Girl Scout in your area.



Download the mobile app. This is available for your iOS or Android mobile device.



Need more help finding cookies? Email Us!

You can also find out more information about the cookies HERE