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The STEAM Center at Burnham Woods

At Girl Scouts – Diamonds, we take the important task of introducing STEM topics to girls to the next level with our focus on STEAM programming. Our STEAM Center events give girls hands-on opportunities to incorporate Art into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The STEAM Center at Burnham Woods is located at the Girl Scouts – Diamonds Midwest Region property in Fort Smith and is a place where girls can discover and explore their STEAM passions through hands-on, learning-by-doing activities in a girl-focused, girl-led environment. The STEAM Center is led by a STEAM specialist who hosts STEAM-focused programs and badge workshops, as well as training for leaders.

STEAM as a Program Focus

STEAM is a key program focus for Girl Scouts - Diamonds, and that focus is particularly strong at the newly enhanced space at Burnham Woods. Girl Scouting introduces girls of all ages to STEAM activities that help develop their creativity and hone their critical thinking skills. Whether it’s building a robot, learning to code, or conducting electrical experiments, we are helping girls move into a future that is constantly changing and evolving. Like all Girl Scout programs, STEAM activities offer girls the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe, peer-supportive, “ok-to-fail” environment. This increases girls’ confidence in their own abilities and encourages positive social development.

Benefits of STEM/STEAM

When girls participate in Girl Scout STEM programs, they benefit in four important ways:

 STEM Interest
Girls are excited about STEM subjects and want to learn more about them.

 STEM Confidence
Girls have confidence in their STEM skills and abilities.

 STEM Competence
Girls think scientifically to solve problems.

 STEM Value
Girls learn the importance and relevance of STEM to people and society.

Four Ways Girl Scouts Builds Girl Leaders in STEM

STEAM Center Video Tour


Find STEAM programs and events

The STEAM Center at Burnham Woods is located on the campus of our Midwest Regional Office at 5705 Gordon Lane, Fort Smith AR 72903.

Ongoing STEAM Programming

A variety of programming and events happens on a regular basis at the STEAM Center, focused in the areas of robotics, engineering, computer science and outdoor/citizen science. Registration is required to attend STEAM Center programs and typically closes on the Monday before the event.

Find STEAM programs and events
From the Event List page, click the Advanced Search link. Scroll down a bit and select STEAM from the By Category section. Click Search, then scroll to view all STEAM related programs


STEAM Center Partners and Donors

Girl Scouts - Diamonds is proud to collaborate with the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and other organizations to help bring high-quality STEAM based programming to girls of all ages.

We'd also like to thank these generous supporters of our current STEAM Center project:

ABB (Baldor Electric Company Foundation)
Ash Grove Charitable Foundation
Brown Family Foundation
Alline and Chloe C. Davis Charitable Foundation
Irene Dougan
Elizabeth H. and Stanley E. Evans Charitable Foundation
Ken Harrison and Dawn Prasifka
William Thomas and May Pitman Hennessy Foundation
Maxwell Lyons II
Donnie Pendergraft
Mary L. Sherman*
Kristen Stevens
Sunderland Foundation
Walmart Store #141
Walmart Store #388
Wells Fargo Foundation
Bennie Westphal
Whitaker Family Foundation


Reservable Badge Workshops for Troops/Groups

Is there a specific STEAM Badge your troop wants to earn? Our STEAM Coordinator is here to help!

Sign up for one of our Reservable Badge Workshops (search “Reservable Badge Workshop” on our Event List page to select a date). These workshops are each open to one troop or group. Workshop content is level-specific. While only one badge and level may be selected, girls of all levels are welcome to register and participate. A minimum of 5 girls is required to reserve a workshop.

Volunteer Resources

Need help getting started with STEM badges and Journeys? Check out our STEM Training Toolkit on the Volunteer Resources page.

This toolkit contains a webinar that covers information on STEM programming, how to use VTK, advice on how to do a STEM badge with your troop, and you will learn how to successfully deliver badge activities.

There are also activity videos to assist volunteers who want to lead their Daisies, Brownies and Juniors through the Coding Basics badge. The toolkit also contains a training guidebook for service unit volunteers who would like to lead a STEM badge training and Coding Basics badge training for their service unit. This toolkit focuses on the Daisy, Brownie and Junior Coding Basics badges but knowledge learned can be transferred to other STEM badges.  


STEAM Activities at Home!

For more fun activities, check our Girl Scouts at Home page, Camp page, and the GSUSA Girl Scouts at Home page.