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2022-2023 Girl Scouts - Diamonds Board Officers:

Kimberly Snipes | Midwest | Board Chair
Angela F. Shirey | Central | 1st Vice Chair
Sharon Herrick | Midwest | 2nd Vice Chair
Latisha Settlage | Midwest | Treasurer
Juli Dorrough | Northwest | Secretary

2022-2023 Girl Scouts - Diamonds Board of Directors:

Donna Carter | Northeast
Cheryl Deen | Northeast
Nancy Eberlein | Northwest 
Jennifer Fowler | Central
Catherine Garner | Northwest
Esperanza Massana-Crane | Central
Sandy Risi | Northeast
Debbie Partee | Southeast
Angela Tilley | Midwest
Lorie White | Central
Lori Wood | Southwest


To contact members of the Board of Directors or Board Development Committee please email us.


Board Committees and Council Advisory Team

Audit Committee

Randi Chambers | Central
Cheryl Deen | Northeast
Juli Dorrough | Northwest 
Kimberly Snipes | Midwest 

Board Development Committee

Serena Curtin | Northwest
Nancy Eberlein | Northwest
Trina Grier | Northwest
Katy Lingle | Southwest                                                                                            Esperanza Massana-Crane | Central                                                                          Debbie Partee | Southeast
Sandy Risi | Northeast
Debbie Robinson | Midwest

DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility) Committee

Vonnice Boone | Northwest
Nancy Eberlein | Northwest
Jennifer Fowler | Central
Catherine Garner | Northwest
Sharon Herrick | Midwest
Sarah Livengood | Northwest
Esperanza Massana-Crane | Central
Jimi McIver | Northwest
Latisha Settlage | Midwest

Finance Committee

Sarah Collyge | Northwest
Stephanie Davidson | Midwest
Juli Dorrough | Northwest 
Ryan Holder | Central
Lisa Hopper | Central                                                                                                  Latisha Settlage | Northwest
Kim Snipes | Midwest

GirlsFirst Committee

Debbie Partee | Southwest
Jessie Wilson | Central
Lori Wood | Southwest

Heritage Committee

Linda Ann Bragg | Northwest 
Debbie Partee | Southwest 
Kathleen Pate | Southeast 
Sandy Risi | Northeast                                                                                                Debbie Robinson | Midwest
Norma Story | Northeast
Amanda Whitley | Central

Property Committee

Marj Bernhardt | Northwest
Robert Clayton | Central
Cheryl Deen | Northeast
Ida Fineberg | Northwest
Halsey Richardson | Northwest
Latisha Settlage | Midwest

Council Advisory Team (CAT)

The Council Advisory Team (CAT) is a select group of volunteers and girls who will be the voice from their regional areas, sharing/discussing information and issues with the Girl Scouts – Diamonds President/CEO and the 2nd Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, and will be responsible for taking information back to their respective service units and sharing with the other members.

For more detailed information about the Council Advisory Team selection process, member requirements and duties, or to request a copy of the Council Advisory Team application, please email:

Council Advisory Team Purpose and Guidelines

Angela Nguyen
Lisa Harrison
Amber Breedlove 
Karen Wright-Lee
Jennice Haynes
Dianna R. 
Ann Marie N. 
Kaylee H. 
Lillyanna M.
Aubrey W. 
Nicole W. 
Sadie K. 


Jennifer Stevens
Terry Grizzle
Sylvia Torres Elizondo
Laura Brianne Myers 
Amy Causey
Kaylee T. 
Whitney G. 
Annie F. 
Kendra H. 
Madeline P. 
Eliana L. 
Mary T. 
Riley H. 

Karen Bageant 
Stephanie Moore
Jennifer Stephens
Jacqueline C. 
Molly M. 
Gwendolyn H. 
Meredith S. 

Amber McGarrah
Julia Bingham
Melanie Billing
Rebecca Smith
Kelly Keeton
Kim Crow Sheaner
Mailelani L. 
Riley S. 
Courtney P. 
Willow W. 
Alicia C. 
Bird M. 
Nora W. 
Rachel S. 
Caroline Y. 
Trevi S. 

Adult: Jacey Wallace
Girl: Jaden W. 

Adult: Amy Kyles
Girl: Kate K. and Sadie M.