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Staff Listing

Office of the CEO

Dawn PrasifkaChief Executive Officer(800) 632-6894 x6221
Sally AndersonExecutive Assistant(800) 632-6894 x6759

Office of CEO - HR

Liz JacobsonHuman Resources Manager(800) 632-6894 x6223
Karen FranklinHR Generalist(800) 632-6894 x6240


Marie Gieringer Chief Financial Officer(800) 632-6894 x6225
Adra WindsorFinance Director(800) 632-6894 x6233
Sasha Iwaniuk-BrayFinance Specialist(800) 632-6894 x6230
Dana WolvertonSenior Troop Finance Liaison(800) 632-6894 x3106

Finance - Product Program

Heather BoundsProduct Program Director(800) 632-6894 x3115
Leigh RitcheyProduct Program Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5840
Desiray WardProduct Program Specialist(800) 632-6894 x6241

Finance - Retail

Candace Weekley Retail Director(800) 632-6894 x6243
Kristina BerthiaRetail Specialist(800) 632-6894 x6791
Mary KastnerRetail Specialist800-632-6894 x6790
Misty OgdenRetail Specialist(800) 632-6894 x3100
Allison SimsRetail Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5818

Mission Delivery

Sharon LynchChief Mission Delivery Officer(800) 632-6894 x6237

Mission Delivery - Programs

Sarah HyndmanProgram Director(800) 632-6894 x6765
Brooke Bland STEAM Coordinator(800) 632-6894 x4013
Candence BrooksGSLE Specialist(800) 632-6894 x3178
Kimberly BurgessAmeriCorps Program Director(800) 632-6894 x6785
Briley HutchisonProgram Manager800-632-6894 x6762
Meagan PiroutekEvent Coordinator(800)-632-6894 x5850
Hannah ScanlonGSLE Specialist800-632-6894 x5815

Mission Delivery - Volunteer Experience

Beth QuarlesVolunteer Experience Director(800) 632-6894 x6236
Laurie BurksVolunteer Experience Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5837
Sheila KeltonVolunteer Experience Specialist(800) 632-6894 x4066
Kristy MintonVolunteer Experience Specialist(800) 632-6894 x2014
April SchneiderVolunteer Experience Specialist(800) 632-6894 x3104
Chasity Scott Volunteer Experience Specialist (800) 632-6894 x6228

Mission Delivery - Recruitment

Dana WatkinsRecruitment Director(800) 632-6894 x3108
Ariana AguilarLatinx Membership Specialist (800) 632-6894 x5829
Julie BrandtRecruitment Coordinator(800) 632-6894 x5835
Tiffany ColburnRecruitment Specialist(800) 632-6894 x3105
Layne CurtisPlacement Specialist(800) 632-6894 x4041
Sarah FooteRecruitment Specialist(800) 632-6894 x6265
Latisha GouldRecruitment Specialist(800) 632-6894 x4010
Renee Johnson Recruitment Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5816
Kayla JonesPlacement Specialist (800) 632-6894 x6220
Beth KjorlaugSenior Placement Specialist(800) 632-6894 x3107
Jessica LyonsRecruitment Specialist(800) 632-6894 x6783
Megan TuckerPlacement Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5813
Micah WoodsPlacement Manager800-632-6894 x6781


Tim BeshearsChief Operations Officer(800) 632-6894 x6222

Operations - Data Management

Whitney MillerData Director(800) 632-6894 x5814
Kathy ColeData Entry Specialist(800) 632-6894 x4023
Shelby CoxCustomer Care Coordinator(800) 632-6894 x6031

Operations - Outdoor Program

Betony MaringerCamp Director - Camp Cahinnio(800) 632-6894 x2201
Brenna StoneAssistant Camp Director - Camp Crossed Arrows800-632-6894

Operations - Property

Joey ClintonProperty Superintendent(800) 632-6894 x6764
Cody CurtisRanger - Camp Cahinnio(800) 632-6894 x6778
Alisha FaulknerProperty and Risk Management Coordinator(800) 632-6894 x6757
David HawleyCamp Ranger(800) 632-6894 x5118

Strategic Initiatives

Cristy Sowell Chief Strategy Officer(800) 632-6894 x6242

Strategic Initiatives - Communications

Chris McCreightCommunications Director(800) 632-6894 x6751
Adrienne DaileyCommunications Coordinator - Graphic Design(800) 632-6894 x6232
Alexis TankCommunications Coordinator - Public Relations(800) 632-6894 x6238

Strategic Initiatives - Fund Development

Kate LonbergerFund Development Director(800) 632-6894 x5833
Lesley Roberts Fund Development Director(800) 632.6894 x6768
Lisa HannonFund Development Officer - Grants800-632-6894 x4068
Ginger RisnerSenior Fund Development Specialist(800) 632-6894 x5820
Vanessa Thomas RussellFund Development Officer(800) 632-6894 x6784