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Girl Scouts is a beloved, iconic brand. Few brands are strong enough to be identified simply by a color or a shape, but we have both the unique shade of "Girl Scout green" and the singular Girl Scout Trefoil symbol working for us. These much-admired brand elements ensure that any of our branded items can be readily recognized as belonging to Girl Scouts.

General Guidelines

Referencing Our Name:

  • When mentioning our name in copy use either "Girl Scouts - Diamonds" or "Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas." Don't forget to use the dashes and put the states in the correct order.
  • The words "Scout", "Scouts" and "scouting" should never appear without the modifier "Girl," and each word should be capitalized. 
  • Here is a cheat sheet to help you out!


  • Our colors are Black, White and Green (#00AE58 or R0 G174 B88 or PMS 355)
  • Girl Scouts and green go together. To ensure that we continue to claim the color and to solidify our identity, embrace green. Be sure to include a least a bit of green in every piece you produce.​


Girls, troops, volunteers, etc., are encouraged to use the Arial font and its variations for any design materials created. If you would like to use the official Girl Scout font, please email


Choosing photos to use for your piece is extremely important. Remember to focus on monents that matter, we want the world to see and feel for themselves all of the amazing things our girls are doing and showcase the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Branding Checklist:

Here's a checklist to help keep you on track!

Copyrights and trademarks:

Visit the GSUSA website for detailed information about Girl Scout copyrights and trademarks.


Questions about branding? Email our communications team.

Logos and Servicemarks
  • The Girl Scouts - Diamonds logo is the only Girl Scout Logo, other than the trefoil, that can be used on products and marketing pieces created by Girl Scouts - Diamonds volunteers, parents, girls and partners.
  • Do NOT stretch or modify the Girl Scouts - Diamonds logo or trefoil in any way, other than proportionally scaling up or down. You can do this by holding down the shift key and dragging the corners.
  • Using logos copied from other websites or search engines is strictly prohibited. 
  • Obtain the logo from an approved source (this website or via email). Other versions are obsolete.
  • Do not put artwork or words around the council servicemark or trefoil. It should stand alone. 
  • Do not manipulate the logo's colors. If you need further assistance, please reach out to the communications department.

To Use: Download the file. Drag and drop into your preferred computer application. When you click on the image, you will see a box appear around the logo. Nothing should be inside this box. The box is a guide for how much space there needs to be surrounding the logo at all times. This includes the edge of the page. You may need to edit the text wrap options to place the logo on your document correctly.

To Download: Simply click on the image name you would like to download, and it will open in a new window. Then, right click on the image and choose "Save Picture or Image As" to save it to your computer.

Girl Scouts - Diamonds Logos

Girl Scouts Logos


Flyers and Templates

Want to create your own flyer but need help?  Check out this How To Guide!

5 Ways Girl Scouts Benefits Girls
Why Girl Scouts

New Branding Updates Coming Soon!

Note: All flyers and graphics must be printed in color, no exceptions!

T-shirts, Patches and Other Branded Items

Please remember that you must use a Girl Scout licensed vendor to have any materials produced that you plan to collect money for. To begin this process please talk to your membership contact or email us. Don't forget to check out our great selection at the council shop! You might just find what you're looking for there.

For all branded items, please contact the communications team. We are not able to make custom items for every troop and service unit, but we do need to approve your design.

Media Guidelines
Online Guidelines

Take a look at our Social Media Best Practices for tips and tricks on how to represent our council online.

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